Friday, March 18, 2011

Top 5 Slice and Dice Dismemberment Death Scenes

Umm this is kinda self explanatory. Slice and Dice deaths. Nuff said.

5.) Resident Evil

Lasers are awesome!

4.) Final Destintion 2

Death sure is creative!

3.) Cube

One of the first slice and dices I ever saw.

2.) Ghost Ship

It's all about the body count here and seeing rich people sliced and diced makes me happy.

1.) Underworld

It takes him like 30 seconds to fall apart!

Bonus Video!

Here's a few more that include the one's above. I especially like the Slither one with the intestines coming out.

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  1. The opening of Ghost Ship was the best part of the entire movie, and one of the best slice scenes ever.

  2. It really is sad that Ghost Ship even belongs on any list, but if it applies anywhere, it is here.