Monday, February 07, 2011

NEW BLOG: Who is that hot ad girl?

It's 100% intentional I decided to launch my first Tumblr blog on Super Bowl Sunday. With the Super Bowl being the mecca of commercial land, I decided to join the Tumblr blogosphere with a new niche blog that joins the ranks of bread and cheese head celebrities and Selleck Waterfall Sandwich and Holy Maury Mother of God.


It's simply a one stop shop for finding out who these hot unknown and not famous yet actresses and models in TV commercials are.

We've all seen them. Denise from the Taco Bell commercials and the new T-Mobile girl. Who are they? WITHAG will answer these damn existential questions so you don't have to.

Join the Facebook page and if your Tumbl-er already, please follow the blog. Any help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. great idea, i want to know the girl who is in cost cutter haircut commercial twirling the
    scarf in the small apartment...

  2. Interesting. I started following through my account ( A lot of Rachel Specter posts. That girl is making some steady paychecks I guess.

  3. Is there the ability to comment on that site. I went there and didn't see any comment section underneath the posts. BTW, thanks for identifying the T-Mobile girl. Carly Foulkes is hot.

  4. Tumblr doesn't have any commenting ability. You have to manually put in some comments. There is a Ask me something feature. Thats pretty much it.

  5. So has anyone been able to come up with the name of the tall blonde in the Farmers Insurance ads? She looks like a "poor man's" Uma Thurman.

  6. I've been trying my best to find that that tall blonde from the Farmer Insurance ad. No luck. I'll keep searching though.