Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Soska Sisters American Mary gets its Mary!

Big news from the world of our awesome Twisted Twins. The Soska Sisters who gave us the uber brilliant Dead Hooker in a Trunk (review here) and the short Bad Girls (review here) have announced the lead "Mary" for their latest film American Mary. It's at the ned of this PSA video below for Women in Horror Month.

Also, check out what the Twisted Twins have to say about the video via their Penny Dreadful blog.

There ya have it.

American Mary is Katharine Isabelle!!

Isabelle is well known for her work in the penultimate growing up werewolf classic GINGER SNAPS as well as being in Freddy vs Jason.

Also, check out the teaser trailer For American Mary !

Head over to the official site for more info and check out their official blog. You can always follow the twins on Twitter as well.

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  1. There is a lot of great info here. I love Isabelle, so this is most definitely on my radar!