Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The WTF List: The Crazies (Review)

The Crazies I've noticed has ended up on a lot of Top 10 lists of late. Because I'm always late I figured needed to see this to see what's the what. So what's the what? It was OK. A decent horror remake that actually lives up to the original by making it modern and believable. I'm not sure this movie is making the Top 10 of my list but it was filled with some good moments and a few moments of utter panic.

The Crazies gets a WTF List because you've all seen it already and I drank some tainted water.

On to the list!

1.) Wow, Iowa looks demographically correct. I didn't spot one minority in the entire flick. Hollywood went believable in this one.
2.) I like my crazy in small morsels of childacide
3.) If you've got a bonesaw in a has to be good
4.) Never humanize the gas mask wearing army... I like my military vague and scary
5.) That is Radha Mitchell as the hot blonde doctor...I forget sometimes my Pitch Black cast members at times
6.) One thing you can count on is redneck hunters will kill for sport whether or not they are infected or not
7.) Pitchforks aren't utilized in enough horror movies...somebody bring us the pitchfork slasher!
8.) If you got a flamethrower in a film, you've won points on my scorecard.
9.) I thought Iowans were good citizens and did everything the government told know like dying.
10.) Oh mama, what a carwash scene. This is your WTF Moment and it's a helluva scene. Note to self - go to bikini car washes only
11.) Everybody turns crazy eventually...that's why you have to be friends with people who already crazy....because they turn normal...or more crazy. I'm not sure which.
12.) So if the wife gives birth will the baby be crazy too? I wanna see crazy baby in its own movie.
13.) Knife through the hand trauma through the neck trauma was pretty good trauma
14.) I realized I would be screwed during some sort of mass population apocalypse. I have no hand to hand combat skills, no firearms and I can't run really fast. But the one skill I do have is that I can mooch on people that do have those things.
15.) I've been to Des Moines, Iowa. That's the most middle of America I've ever been to.
16.) If your acting crazy in New York, we'd give you our loose change.
17.) There has gotta be better containment procedures than killing everybody. You know, maybe give them 20 Advils...or better yet 3 Aleves.
18.) A bomb being detonated in Iowa wouldn't prevent me from not going to work the next morning...that fallout is like a million miles away
19.) They should have had the same character in Romero's Crazies where they had the crazy scientist.
20.) Was it better than the remake? Ehhhhh it was OK. But with DADT now repealed I think we'll have a less eviler army, don't you?

Now, I'm going to drink my bottle of Fiji water. I doubt its tainted.

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  1. HAHAHA!! This was a very fun read and I have to agree... I want my military to be vague and scary. The more shrouded in darkness they are, the better!

  2. The Crazies remake SUCKED! Horrible.