Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Fear of a Punk Planet (The Pilot Episode!)

I love perusing YouTube to find music and shows I use to watch when I was a kid. Well, score one for YouTube again. I dug up this classic Internet TV show called Fear of a Punk Planet. How did I find this hidden gem? Well, I love punk rock and NOFX is one of my favorite bands. Also, I was a fan of Jenny Kwan (who was on that old NBC show California Dreams (don't judge me!). Here she plays a punk rocker who leads a group of punk rock kids to help their scene anyway they can.

Holy fuckin cow this is some classic shit. Originally appeared on, it was produced and written by Joe Escalante, one of the founding members of The Vandals as well as Kyle Glass (of Tenacious D fame).

It only had 3 episodes and features awesome bands like NOFX, Sick of It All and The Ataris. Now you can relive the late 90s with some punk rock awesomeness. I kind of thought of this show as the anti-MTV of its time. Punk rock was becoming more mainstream during the late 90s (Green Day, Offspring, etc) but some bands especially NOFX and hardcore vets like Sick of It All didn't sell out (well so to speak)

It seems cheesy now but I'll admit punk rock was at a crossroads during the 90s. Many bands "sold out" with the grunge/punk revival. Watching Fear of a Punk Planet is nostalgia for us who lived during that time. Check out the pilot episode below!

Here is a link to an episode featuring Sick of It All! There are other episodes featuring The Bouncing Souls and others.

Thoughts? Comments? Does this offend you as a punk rocker? Hahaha let's hear it.


  1. found 4 episodes by accident on linked to fear

  2. I actually own the DVD for this! I love NOFX and sought out the DVD for so long so I could see them, essentially. It was okay, buy I remember being pissed that NOFX wasn't in it more. NOFX: Backstage Passport made up for that, though.

  3. Matt - Awesome. Watching this brought back some dyed green hair memories. Backstage Passport rocked. I love how they never knew if the show would go on or even if they were ever gonna get paid....its NOFX dammit!