Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Sick Twisted F*ck YouTube DVD Competition 2010

I've been meaning to do a The Top 10 Most Disgusting, Grotesque, Exploitative, Splatter, Gore, Vile Horror Movies list but I wouldn't be able to do it justice. Back in college, Insano Steve and I tried our best to see the most fucked up movies ever made. And we actually saw a lot of flicks that were disturbing as all fuckin hell.

But then I had to enter the real world, got a job and became a pseudo young internet professional and had to put my horror viewing on hold. I kinda waned a bit on finding the extra saucy insane flicks. Then with some spare time, I created the jaded viewer to sorta catch up on what I missed and write up what I had seen. A diary so to speak of what I had seen back in the day.

However, people have decided to see the recent sickest shit and I'll admit I'm jealous. I found this blog called Sick Twisted Fucks and it brought back all the memories of what it was like to see these fucked up films the first time.

These guys are having a competition on YouTube where you share your most sick and twisted flicks in your DVD collection. To put yourself on YouTube and go though a list of what's in your collection is kinda ballsy. I mean to say you own the Vomit Gore trilogy or Squirmfest is telling the public....I like sick shit and I'm proud of it. I mean I own an autographed copy of August Underground Mordum signed by Fred Vogel himself and I think it's the most vile shit in my collection.

In any case, I'm not making up a list but posting these YouTube videos of the members of Sick Twisted Fucks and their entry videos of what's their sickest of the sick. I agree that most of these flicks are sick and twisted. Ironically, I've seen most of these.

The fact you can start breaking it out to subgenres like "vomit gore", necrophilia, scat eating and serial killer is a testament to the fact that these genres were made because their is an actual audience for it. Jeezus Japan, you guys need to watch more 3D Holographic anime characters.

So you can go all voyeur and see if you own any of these films. They are all fuckin hilarious as they describe the atrocities and plots in these movies. I mean it's almost ACME cartooney to say this movie is "about defecating on somebody's face and then eating the shit that was just defecated". But calling somebody the f word because they don't own Philosophy of a Knife. Let's tone it down a notch dude.

OK ready?

Meet the competitors!


These guys and girl all know their stuff. I have to say I'm floored by Ms. Fangirl Sarah. Watching sick and fucked up films I've always thought would fall into a horror super charged alpha male realm and seeing this very hot, Avril Lavigney girl talk about some messed up flicks is crazy awesome.

I'm not sure what you win or who judges this thing. But the lists of DVDs these guys have are unbelievably stellar and very fucked up. It reminds me of a story I heard that a Japanese man was arrested for mutilating people in Tokyo back in 90s or something and when the police searched his apartment, they found many fucked up movies in his collection. They were led to believe that these sicko movies were inspiration for going all homicidal.

I would hate to think what a psychologist would say about my DVD collection.

If you're now looking at your own DVD collection and realizing your most demented DVD is Halloween, well then keep yourself mainstreemy. I mean there are a few hardcore fans out there that take it up a notch. If you decide to cross the line into a fucked up horror universe, you need to see some of the movies they mentioned.

I mean who wouldn't want to see a lady eat a plate of maggots and spaghetti?

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  1. -SQUEAL-

    I'm Fangirl Sarah!!!!

    Thank you so much honey! you are so fucking sweet to advertise the competition, the Sick Twisted Fuck forum, and myself! You are amazing!!!!

    Fangirl Sarah <3

  2. Thanks Fangirl Sarah.

    I'll say it straight out. A hot girl talking about sick and twisted movies is mesmerizingly awesome.

    Good luck with the contest! I'm 100% sure nobody will desecrate your body after you die (this only happens in Germany)

  3. Thank you sooo much honey. you are uber sweet.