Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Forgotten Cult Classics of Cannon Films

One of my favorite MST3K episodes was when they riffed on Alien from LA starring Kathy Ireland. I recently watched this episode on YouTube and it still freakin hilarious. So one thing led to another and I realized this movie was produced by Cannon Films, a now dedunct film company. So doing a bit of research I realized Cannon Films produced a lot of my favorite movies from the 80s and 90s. Such classics like Bloodsport, Masters of the Universe, Cyborg, The Barbarians, the American Ninja series, Cobra and Over the Top.

So what else did they produce? I'm glad you asked. There are quite a few laughers and rock em sock em awesomeness in their collection and I figured I'd pick a few to showcase. To get you ready, here's a seductive picture of Kathy Ireland in her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue days.

Feeling good? OK let's check out some good schlock and goofiness from some awesome movies courtesy of Cannon Films. First up Alien from LA starring squeaky voice Kathy Ireland.

Oh those center of the world hijinks. Gotta love em. Up next, is Hollywood making a comedy out of nuclear war's America 3000!

What's a better segway from post apocalyptic 80s hair? Christina Lindberg of course. Here is Maid in Sweden. A young girl's story as she searches for the man of her dreams in Stockholm by sleeping with every man in Stockholm.

How do I top a naked Christina Lindberg? With Captain America of course. You knew this was coming. Fuck the Avengers movie. This has Red Skull!

And finally, the last trailer was the last movie ever produced by Cannon Films. It's Street Knight where Jeff Speakman (aka "The Perfect Weapon") battles Mexicans gangs, Black gangs, the Mafia, the police, convenience store clerks, horses and mechanics.

Got any other favorite Cannon Film classics? Do you remember these flicks? Nostalgia away!


  1. Ugh. Hated the Captain America movie as a kid. Not looking forward to the new one, either. Kathy Ireland in a Cannon film, though? That I gotta see.

  2. That red skull makeup still holds up.

    Christina Lindberg is fully hot.

  3. Wow, Cristina Lindberg just made me wet my pants

  4. Dude I still have Captain America on the shelf next to my bootleg of Fantastic Four and Dolph's The Punisher w00t

  5. hahaha, I was just looking for youtube clips of Alien from LA the other day.

    I had such a huge crush on Kathy Ireland in that, annoying as hell voice and all.

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