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Incest Death Squad 2 (Review)

Incest Death Squad 2

Incest Death Squad 2 (2010)

Directed by Cory Udler

I received my first credit in a movie. Nope, its not the massive credit sequence from the Paranormal Activity DVD, but from Cory Udler who gave a "Special Thanks".

After I posted my review, Cory and I talked a little more about the original movie. I gave him an honest critique hoping to bridge the gap between filmmaker and blogger/fan. He was very responsive to what I had to say and to actually have a director listening to a fan of the genre I promote and love, was to say the least very cool.

Suffice it to say, what I wanted from Incest Death Squad 2 was simple. I wanted it go over the edge plain and simple. More incest, more death and more squad. After watching IDS2, it does just that. Where its predecessor seemed to be a Troma clone, IDS2 stands on its own and glorifies all that is wonderful when you get extreemy in the exploitation genre.

Gone is the funny, visual ha ha's. We've slowly transitioned into hardcore shit here. IDS2 slaps you harder than a dominatrix on LSD. Your going to get your fill of God, gratuitous nudity, whore encounters and blood and guts. It's a movie the entire family will love!

My original quote after watching the trailer of IDS1 was this: "Are you going to hell if you see this movie? Probably so."

Udler's sequel finally makes that seem 100% true.

Boring Plot-O-Matic

Jeb and Amber Wayne embark on a murderous road trip as they hunt for the man that witnessed their gruesome ministry.

Awesome Review-O-Matic

Incest Death Squad 2 is a true sequel. You really need to have watched Part 1 in order to understand what's the what. What I've come to realize is though IDS2 continues the story of Jeb and Amber and Aaron and Andrea, both the original and sequel really need to be watched back to back. The original ended on a semi-cliffhanger and IDS2 continues a month later. If watched consecutively one right after another, this makes it feel like a more completed feature length movie. This is the true Incest Death Squad film.

In any case, let's break down the squad.

More Incest (and various degrees of fuckedupness)

The first movie hinted at the big "I". But here, Udler releases the hounds and goes nuts (even literally as we get to see Jeb's full frontal). Sexual depravity is on display here with Jeb and Amber and we get to see it in all it's incestuous glory. If only Udler had James Cameron's cameras, we could have seen this in 3D. Oh well some dreams will have to stay dreams.

The story continues as our Ambiguous Incest Duo still feel the need to do God's work (you know killing tourists) but Amber has unfinished business with Aaron (our intrepid reporter). Seems his "seed" has been planted and Amber's got to go all Maury on him and relay the paternal news. This leads to a road trip to Milwaukee.

Meanwhile, our functional couple Aaron and Andrea seemed to be living the normal life. But not everything is at it seems. Both have secrets with Aaron's being more fucked up than Andrea's. Let's just say one the parts of my trio of fuckedupness gets hit (read about it in my original review of IDS1) thanks to Aaron.

Like I said, more incest, more fuckedupness, even more rape. Yes folks, more rape. It's handled a little avante gardy slo-mo which was a little weird. Sorta like softcore in a hardcore movie. However, everything in IDS2 raises the bar to make you feel uncomfortable. As the jaded viewer, I'm too jaded to feel anything. But if you live on the Bible belt, you're fuckin screwed.

More Death (and various degrees of nudity)

Jeb and Amber continue their murderous ways and we get our solid quotient of blood and gore. A good Samaritan gets whooped and Jeb disposes of a vocal whore. It's not until we get to the end do we see some blood splatter walls. But more than the death is the nudity which was absent from Part 1. Various pairs of boobage are flaunted and taunted. You just can't go wrong with gratuitous nudity. Somehow it's like CGI explosions. It makes you feel happy.

More Squad (and various degrees of WTF)

As our iDuo threaten our now dysfunctional couple, Andrea hires her cousin Brent to protect her. It's a flash of mischief from Brent who goes toe to toe with our iDuo. Brent seems to be out of place here, as he was written for comic relief or to be the asshole of our movie.

The performances by everybody here are more solid than the original. Greg Johnson plays Jeb as a very overarching father figure, his sister his only concern. Carmela Wiese's Amber is full of vixen vixing as she seduces tourists. She also has a full emotional arc after being raped. Melissa Jo Murphy does her best overreacting intentionally melodramatic performance as Andrea when all the secrets are discovered.

But I have to say Tom Lodewyck steals the show as Aaron. His progression from Part 1 to Part 2 is evolution of insanity at its best. It just seemed he got the best lines, got the best material and his speech at the end is hilariously evil.

At 70 or so minutes, it packs alot in. Still some parts of the movie feel forced and yawn-ish at times. Conversations sound a little telepromptor-ish and when Andrea gets a phone call from our duo who are on their way to HER house, your first instinct is to run the fuck away from the house as far as possible. Andrea does not do this. Logic problems should be ignored but sometimes they can't.

I'd even say they should have focused more on the Wayne's. They are the heart of the movie and their relationship is the core. But their dialogue is cluttered with religious hyperbole and lacks that sibling feel. However, it finally gets that towards the end.

The sequel has been more tightly edited, shot and produced than the original. It feels more rounded and that shows the evolving work from Udler. Udler's vision of religion, death and a duo of fuckedupness has made a cult classic in the making. But the sequel is only the second half of this. Like a 2 robot lion Voltron, they have to be connected. That's the full Incest Death Squad.

And if you watched it, that's how you go to hell.


Sliced Throats
Blood splattered walls


Lesbian boobage
Whore boobage

WTF moment

Amber makes a deposit in the tiolet and shows it off

The Jaded Viewer's Final Prognosis

So how do you get to see Incest Death Squad 2? Glad you asked. On September 17th 2010, you can get to see it for FREE. Yes fellow jaded viewers, you can see it for FREE at Go here for more information.

IDS2 is a worthy successor to the original. Everything is amped up and jacked to the extreme. I don't want to take any credit away from Cory Udler, but I think my input helped in getting this movie way over the edge. So you can thank the jaded viewer for this masterpiece of horror exploitation sleaze.

Head over to the official Facebook site and the official site for more info. You can also follow Cory Udler on Twitter @ IDS2


Check out the trailer below.

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