Thursday, June 10, 2010

Don't burn Rubber or your head will explode!

I posted a link to the teaser trailer for this on the jaded viewer Facebook page but I now think this little film from Quentin Dupieux's new movie Rubber deserves its own post. Back when I began watching the quirky films we all take for granted now, this concept of a psychic vengeful tire would have been on top of my list to see.

I use to watch all the Alejandro Jodorowsky, David Lynch and others because they were bizarre, non linear and completely surrealistic. There were alot of films like this back in the day (or maybe they were all new to me). So when we get half a dozen bizarre films a year, you have to take notice and see these little odd possibly soon to be cult classics.

But a one joke movie like a self aware psychic tire is like a one joke movie about a human centipede. How the hell do you drag it out to go over an hour? A few reviews are mixed in their reaction but that's not going to let the hype machine here be a downer.

A tire that's lonely, falls in love and wreaks fury. This I gotta see.

Check out the teaser and the short clip below. Is this the next cult classic or some shiny flattened quarter that will soon be forgotten?

Short clip courtesy of Twitch Film.

Finally a link to the official site.


  1. Thanks for making me aware of more bizarre as always. A self aware tire? I gotta see this...just gotta.

  2. Hell yeah!! You've got my interest, shall have to check it out.