Friday, June 05, 2009

The Horror Continuum (Links from the Horrorsphere)

I've been thinking it over and I figure there should be a day where I share what I find on the interweb with the rest of the horrorsphere. So every Friday (hopefully), will be The Horror Continuum. Where I'll post just random things I find on the Internet that maybe you missed.

If you have some links to share with everybody, feel free to post them in the comments below.

First up free press courtesy of the jaded viewer mailbox.

....Interesting web series called The Happy Face Killer

....New comedy web series called Safety Geeks

OK now back to our regularly scheduled program.

....Great List from Eeerie books on the 50 Must-See French Horror Movies

....Fearnet has been putting some awesome free movies online

....Fangoria is having their Weekend of Horrors this weekend in NYC

....The NY Asian Film Festivall is right around the corner

....Indie horror trailers galore at Terrorfeed

....Watch some funny porno trailers of your favorite TV shows including Seinfeld, The Office and Scrubs

....Black Devil Doll has listed more theatrical screenings

....A Map to Where Everyone Died Hard in "Die Hard" tells you went to pee during a movie

....Keyboard Cat + Haley Joel Osmont + Chuck Norris = FUCKIN FUNNY

And in case you missed the last week on the jaded viewer (yeah I gotta plug my own stuff)

I found a few more awesome trailers....

....yup you need you to see the Dead Hooker in a Trunk trailer really did eat his face in the It Ate His Face trailer

....I never get sick of seeing Asian tween kids kicking ass in Power Kids

.....the new Van Damme trailer The Eagle Path is up

.....Top 5 80s Horror Movies Hollywood Might Actually Think Would Be Good Remakes

Seen any other funny viral interweb videos? Or found a crazy horror trailer when scavenging for porn? Or stumbled upon a list that made milk come out of your nose?

Comment and share with the group. Because sharing is caring.


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