Monday, June 29, 2009

Killing Ariel (Review)

Killing Ariel

Killing Ariel (2008)

Directed by Fred Calvert & David Negron

Some middle age American salaryman decides to cheat on his wife with some Euro-hottie. Seems his mommy got it on with a succubi demon or some shit or the other.

Fast forward to the euro chick and dude going fuckin in a cabin in the woods when the dude goes going all crazy. A few killings of Ariel montage scenes later, I was bored out of my fuckin mind.

I didn't care about the dude or why he was all mental. It literally was 90 minutes of the dude acting nuts. Sure you can bang some Euro chick and then add a twist ending. But seriously, how does one get funding for a lame Shining ripoff.

Totally incomprehensible flick, loaded with generic T&A and scenes of violence that fit into a non existent plot. Yay. Now why don't you go F off.

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  1. I KNEW this film would be terrible!

    - Zac

  2. IN MY OPINION: the last comment was WAY OFF! this is a brilliant movie! TOTALLY FUCKING BRILLIANT!

  3. Really dude? Tell me how this flick was not a turd? It was really really boring. Are you a demon movie? A psychological thriller? So bad they should ban it.

  4. So bad they should ban it? I think I am gonna listen to you on this one and decline viewing this masterpiece of crapola.