Friday, June 12, 2009

The Horror Continuum (Links from the Horrorsphere)

It's Horror Continuum Fridays. Where I give you links from around the horrorsphere and the interweb.

.....I met Alejandro Aja when he screened Haute Tension a while back. Now he's got porn stars and Eli Roth cameo-ing in Piranha 3D. Wow.

.....this show is a fake tv show...whereas this show is a REALITY show and they both have the same plot

.....whats with Japanese youth's fascination with wrist slice and dice?
(I realize these would make excellent tweets but I've forgotten my Twitter password)

.....The NYAFF schedule has been released. You may see me at Tokyo Gore Night!

.....That's 5 expos in 1!!!

.....Dead Snow is being released theatrically and on video in demand (though this version is dubbed)

.....Good feature-a-rama from about 5 New Zombie Movies Worth Watching

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