Friday, June 13, 2008

Death To The Demoness Allegra Gellar!

eXistenZ unfortunately came out the same year as the Matrix.

That sucked.

So only a few people saw David Cronenberg's Alt virtual reality in all it's glory.
I got a chance to rewatch this recently on cable and it still holds up in awesomeness.

Mega hot Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law star in the flick. Leigh plays Allegra Gellar, a infamous game designer who beta tests her latest game.....eXistenZ.

eXistenZ is a virtua-world played on a console of gooey fleshy fun. Classic shit from the mind of Cronenberg.

Check out the trailer....and if you, torrent or buy this flick. It's mega-awesome-rific.


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