Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deadly Friend (Basketball Death Scene)

Evil Adam's johnny on the spot general, is working on best death scenes for our dot com. But boy did he find a gem with the death scene below from Deadly Friend which stars Kristy Swanson as a cyborg with a short circuit.

Nothing can save momma from the train, when a basketball comes speeding at you at 500 mph.

Poor momma.

Check it out.

One of my 2 favorite death scenes comes from Cannibal Ferox.

"The Scalping" (towards the end)

Insano Steve loved this death scene from Zombi Holocaust (aka Dr. Butcher M.D.)

"Zombie vs Outboard Motor"

OK. That's enough of that. How about the funniest line ever in B-movie?

Here's a YouTube viral classic scene with the funniest most hilarious line from Shark Attack 3: Megladon.

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