Monday, June 09, 2008

All Night Long Trilogy (Japanese Horror) (Reviews)

Ooru Naito Rongu aka All Night Long Trilogy.

Three movies (or 5 if you want to keep count) Matsumara's All Night Long Series is all about the very real and disturbing problem of bullying in Japan.

Each of the movies deals with the problem in some way.

Here are my and Insano Steve's original reviews:

All Night Long

All Night Long (1992)

Directed by Katsuya Matsumura

Japan is all fucked up. In a good way. Released in theatres in Japan this one shocked the fuck out of people.
Out of the trilogy this one has actual plot.

Three geeky students (one who even has Urkel glasses)
witness a brutal killing (great FX) of a classmate and are all traumatized by the experience.

They hang out, try to meet some girls and one of the guys girlfriend's gets tortured and raped.
Booyah! It's revenge time.

All Night Long 2: Atrocity (1995)

Directed by Katsuya Matsumura

Holy fuckin cow. This shit hit my top 5 movies on my all time disturbing list. NO PLOT! Sorta follows same revenge theme from ANL1.

Geeky kid who likes to grope Manga dolls gets bullied by this gay (y'know gay) ass kid and his hysterically crazy gang. Utilizing the Internet he tries to get help from some other hackers.

One of the most violent flicks I've ever seen. So many disturbing scenes, I shiver just thinking about them.

Sex slave torture, Samurai stabbings, Barry Bonds power blood swings with baseball bats...more blood and guts then you can handle.

All Night Long 3: Final Atrocity (1996)

Directed by Katsuya Matsumura

Fucking crazy Japanese at it again, this time with nerdy teen working in sleazy motel and collecting woman's trash including condoms, maxipads, food and other junk. Boy becomes obsessed with girl but can't talk to her because he's fucking nuts.

Using girl's garbage he creates a montage including pubic hair (!). Eventually as you'd expect, boy kidnaps girl and proceeds to express his love to her psychotically.

Not as pulsating as part 2 but has it's good share of moments.

Urination, sex, degradation, torture and rape (Japan loves their rape).

Rating (for all 3 movies):

The Trailer:

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