Sunday, June 08, 2008

Quarantine (Trailer)

Wow. So as you can see I reviewed Rec a few days ago and after watching the trailer for the US remake Quarantine, I can't believe this is going to be a shot for shot remake.

Fuckin Hollywood.

Everything is exactly the same. Every scene (from the opening old woman zombie to the night vision ending) is going to be plagiarized. The TV reporter is wearing the same white tank top as the Spanish version!

Coupled with more CGI gore, a metal or indie rock soundtrack and severe product placement, this will be another Holly-crap horror production that is the equivelant of a movie Sparknotes.

Well I figure the Spanish filmakers are ok with this but it goes to show you that even when American horror goes right (see Hatchet and Behind the Mask) we are so uncreative that we have to look for our ideas and stories elsewhere.

Quarantine comes out October 17th.

Check out the trailer.

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