Monday, April 21, 2008

Inside (Review)


Inside (À l'intérieur) (2007)

Directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury

"À l'intérieur complètement âne de coups de pied!!!"


"Inside totally kicks ass!!!"

-jadedviewer's jeffy pop after watching Inside

Now that's one great fuckin horror movie.

The hype surrounding Inside was all good. Arrow in the Head gave it 4 arrows. Fangoria gave it 4 skulls. And so, the jaded viewer joins in the hoopla and praise as I too will give it 4 spinkicks.

The French's track record for horror has been mixed. Alexandre Aja brought us Haute Tension which I had mixed feelings on. Gasper Noe's Irreversible was an exercise in insanity.

Inside, brought over to the States via Dimension Extreme should have been theatrical. But Hollywood's PG-13 vomit of horror will always exclude these masterpieces from ever coming overseas.

So why are we all gushing gore-tastically over Inside. It has the ingredients of one of the best horror/thriller movies of 2008.

Instructions are below.

15 Min (grab some popcorn and hold on tight)
1 Hr 22 Min
30 Min (that's when the shit gets good)


1 secluded house in a riot prone French suburb
1 hot, pregnant French soon to be mother who has lost her husband in a car accident
1 insane, demented, disturbed, twisted, fucked up woman bent on killing our maternity ward heroine
3 inept cops
1 criminal perp at the wrong place and at the wrong time
1 newspaper boss at the wrong place and at the wrong time
1 mother at the wrong place and at the wrong time
50 gallons of blood and guts

Heaping, oozing, gloroficus blood soaked splatter spoonfuls of the following:

1 sharp object through the head
1 gun shot through the back of the head
1 scissors through the head
1 burnt face beyond recognition
1 sharp object to the neck
1 emergency tracheotomy

and more!


Put all ingredients together. Stir continuously until house is soaked and dripping with blood. Throw in slasher motive twist. Bake at 350 degrees until movie makes you say "Oh shit, that's fucked up." Movie is done when the ending gives you shivers.

Inside stars Beatrice Dalle our pregnant La femme who spends her last night home alone on Christmas Eve before she has to go to the hospital and give birth. A knock at her door has a mysterious Woman (Alysson Paradis) tell her to "Ouvre moi ta porte… que je t’ouvre le ventre."
("Open your door…. so I can open up your belly….")

And so it begins the torturous cat and mouse between the stalker and the stalkee.

Good times.

Directors Bustillo and Maury sculpt a brilliant thriller wrapped in gore soaked horror euphoria. From the ominous flashes from La Femme's flickering camera flash to the red/white bathroom contrast in the aftermath of the extreme carnage, it's awesomely shot and staged.
More superfluous are CGI scenes of La Femme's unborn baby looks of pain and anguish as her mother tries to survive. Totally mesmerizing and strategically placed. Definitely, something I've never ever seen before.

The FX are as Savini-ish with such attention to detail, no CG company could ever duplicate. The slitting throats, belly busting and other gore and splatter are so realistic, it was a work of art.

Gorehounds can rejoice as you will see the insides in Inside.

My only gripe was the 3rd act went in the realm of WTF, but by then you're already engulfed in the ocean that is this execution in fist pumping horror.

People will ask, is this just another torture porn? Hell fuckin no.

The characters are intriguing, the pace is slow then frenetic, there are very suspensful moments and the visuals are top notch.

The mass killings are done for a reason (if only known to our insane slasher madwoman) and it never steps out of its own reality.

This is one of the best horror films in the last decade. It has all the ingredients in a horror fan's wet dream.

One you taste this film, you'll come back for more.

Dinner's served.



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  1. Hi, french reader over here

    Just to say, that sentence at the beginning of the review, "A l'intérieur complètement âne de coups de pieds"... That means absolutely nothing hehehe. The good (litteral) translation for "It totally kicks ass !!" would be : "A l'intérieur botte des culs !!". But we'd rather say "A l'intérieur déchire !".

    that just to correct, hehe

  2. LOL. That's what I get for using an online translator :-P

    Everybody in France is lucky. You guys get to see some kick ass horror films while we get another American remake of something made a billion years ago.

    Nice blog BTW.