Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Do not see Southland Tales!!!

I'm not going to even write a review of this. It would be a waste of time. A waste of my time writing it and waste of your time reading it.

And I'm actually a Richard Kelly fan.

I loved Donnie Darko. I mean I LOVED every minute of it. I read everything on, kept checking updates on the progress of S.T. on Richard Kelly's Myspace page and even considered buying the 3 prequel graphic novels of Southland Tales.

Then came Cannes. And the bashing. And the uber-negative reviews.

And I still thought it would be good.

It wasn't. It sucked. 2 and a half hours wasted on post apocalyptic nonsense.
The Rock, Buffy, Stifler, Highlander, ex SNL regulars, the Critic, Justin freakin Timberlake, Mandy Moore, Dan Fielding and the hotness that is Bai Ling could't save this movie.

Kelly's next movie (The Box) is based on a Twilight Zone episode.

Is he the next M.Night Shyamalan?

I hope not.

So for now I beg you.....


You have been warned.


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