Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Top 5 Zombie Movies You've Never Heard Of

There are a lot of zombie movies that have come out of late.

Diary of the Dead, Day of the Dead remake, Automaton Tranfusion, American Zombie, blah blah blah.

It's like a zombie movie is being made every minute of every day. Some are just crappy and some are darn tootin pretty good.

But below are 5 zombie movies that you probably never heard of. (OK maybe some of you have, but I know for a fact, you've forgotten). They are all from different countries which give their take on the zombie sub genre.

Thnks to YouTube, you can check out the trailers and decide if you want to go into the zombie vault and check out these flicks.

On to the list!

5.) Shatter Dead (1994)

Prognosis: Really bad amateurish zombie flick with some decent splatter and gore.

4.) Junk (aka Shiryo-gari) (2000)

Prognosis: Zombie movie from Japan thats part Reservoir Dogs part Dawn of the Dead. It's pretty over the top and filled with gore-tastic splatter.

3.) Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante (2001)

Prognosis: Low budget zombie movie from Argentina thats part Evil Dead and filled with decapitations and green oozing blood. Like Brain Dead but in Spanish.

2.) The Dead Next Door (1988)

Prognosis: Rare American zombie film about a government zombie squad in Akron, Ohio. Lots of Savini-ish gore and very 80s in that Return of the Living Dead sorta way.

1.) Dellamorte Dellamore (aka Cemetary Man) (1994)

Prognosis: Italian zombie movie from horror director Michele Soavi starring Rupert Everett and a very naked Anna Falchi. An undertaker gets the job of killing zombies when they come back to life. This is actually an awesome flick, Guillermo del Toro-ish but with lots of crosses through the head. Good times.

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  2. I own all those movies!

  3. My friend, I'd suggest you get your hands on an import DVD of the Spanish flick [*rec]. Perhaps destined to become the definitive
    POV zombie/rage virus outing.
    Hugely effective at creating a plausible zombie scenario while capturing the "you are there"
    immediacy the genre has always aspired to. The last few minutes are truely nightmarish.

  4. Yup I've seen Rec. Very decent flick. I reviewed it. Check it out.

  5. Very helpful blog! It is easy to use, and answered all my questions! I will be back after I finish my first set of Zombie movies I got from the list!
    Check out our Pseudo-Zombie Films page to find out what's what.