Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Jaded Viewer Returns!


Wow that was one hell of a hiatus. Have I not really blogged since Nov 8th 2013?? Jeezus. And no explanation of my disappearance. WTF me! Well if you've just abandoned all ye hope, I don't blame you. It is what is is.

Well I don't know what to tell you. I just needed a break and honestly I was lacking in viewing any horror of late. I watched a few Marvel movies and a few comedies, I really don't know what happened. It probably has to do with a busted computer infected with all sorts of digital Ebola and my lack of access to film screeners. But these are lame excuses I know.

However with Halloween fast approaching, I think I need to get back into the horror state of mind. That means hopefully reviews of NYC haunted houses and the season crop of horror movies.

And maybe a walkthrough of an infamous haunted house that I've been promising for like fuckin forever.

Let me start off by giving you what I thought was the best in 2013.

V/H/S 2, Maniac, Evil Dead, The Battery and the best horror flick I saw last year was You're Next.

I think what's rejuvenated me are two flicks I'm super psyched for.

Kevin Smith's Tusk and Adam Wingard The Guest.

God I hope they are fuckin awesome.

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus and I hope you'll come back and read up on my random horror musings. One final thing. I want to end this blog on a good note so I'm officially letting it be known this is the final season of the jaded viewer.

I'm not sure what the exact end date is but this time, I'll let you know. No idea why I put up that Superman 2 ending. It was floating in my head when I decided to reboot.

Sorry I've been away to long. I won't let you down again,



  1. Blaine Lefebvre9/17/2014 11:42 PM

    welcome back.

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  2. well, shoot... welcome back, i have been waiting... my rations have just ran out.

  3. I love Heather O`Rourke and JonBenet Ramsey9/19/2014 10:43 PM

    Good to see you`ve finally returned my old mate. By the way, have you noticed how in the media jokes about pansy queer pedo's are regarded as funny and acceptable where-as jokes about heterosexual pedo's are looked upon as offensive and objectionable, thats a very strange and disturbing double standard that seems to be occuring with-in out society, its obviously another loathsome conspiracy thats been instigated by the very faggot scum that runs Hollywood and the media, bloody disgusting woofters, kill `em all.

  4. Blaine Lefebvre9/19/2014 10:47 PM

    Agreed, i always to bugger Heather and JonBenet they were such gorgeous little darlin`s. DEATH TO ALL PANSY QUEER FILTH LIKE VICTOR SALVA.

  5. Brazil missed the horror!!

  6. glad to see you're back. i have finally started my own horror blog after all of these years of reading and being truly inspired by you and your voice. i am sure any third-grader can pick up the parallels my blog borrows quickly. so many thanks for that. sidebar- VHS2 sucked. so this is your last season, huh? will the jaded viewer be moving on to bigger and better things? i applaud you and your horrific musings.

  7. Welcome back! I've always appreciated your unique style of reviewing so I'm glad to see that you've returned. I'm also really anticipating Tusk so I look forward to reading your take on it.

  8. My original comment didn't post, but let's just say that few things excite me as much as this post. So happy that you're back!

  9. If you're on the west coast you should check out Knotts Berry Farm this year, their doing a laser tag zombie maze that's certainly something new.