Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This one time at horror camp.....

I recently read this article on Cracked.com entitled 5 Geek Fantasies You Won't Believe You Can Buy and the horror fantasy camps seem mega cool. Experiencing a zombie apocalypse at a mall? Yes please. Experience a marathon run with zombies chasing you. I'll take an order of that. But that's just PG-13 stuff. Because every spring in NYC, horror camp takes a turn for the WTF when Blackout Haunted House invites you to partake in it's invite only spring haunt. A few select men and women will go through this madness ALONE and for 45 minutes not know what the hell may happen.

I of course am now a veteran of it all. I've been to the last 2 Halloween haunts and survived last year's spring haunt. But they change it up from year to year. It's never the same and creators Josh Randall and Kris Thor revel in the fact they can amp it up into more fucked up extreeminess.

Running from zombies and shooting zombies with NERF air guns seems pale in comparison to the devlish deviousness of this haunt. It's horror camp for adults and it's paying to be Joe Horror Victim #1. The fact there is a safety word to end the experience says it all.

I'm scheduled to attend Saturday evening on May 19th while my fellow Survivors are scattered throughout the weekend. There is now even a support group on Facebook for all of us. Clearly, we all know what we signed up for.

But for the lucky few, going to horror camp is a once in a lifetime event. I retell my story in a disoriented way stating "this one time at this haunted house..." and get the most puzzled looks. For all the veterans, have fun. For all the noobs, it's time you horror camp up. Safety isn't an option.

If you're in NYC, you might want to try it no? Here is what they wrote in one of their most recent e-mails.

Although more regular off-season events will begin to take place starting the first weekend of June, this is the only time this year that we will be offering this specific event.  We suppose you should consider yourselves lucky, but who are we to force anything on you.
Would you try your luck at horror camp?

Want to know what the deal is? Check out the reviews and walkthroughs below.

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  1. I loved that Cracked.com article and have been fiendishly looking for horror camps in the United States. In the nineties, they had several different ones, but now I can't seem to find any. Loved the Ad for Blackout though.-

  2. Are you going to be posting a review/walkthrough of the spring haunt from over the weekend. I took part in it on Sunday and I'm VERY curious to hear how others experiences compare. I won't go into details but I'll say there was one section(s) that left me EXTREMELY exposed and vulnerable.

  3. Are you allowed to review this yet?

  4. Please please please write a detailed walkthrough!!!!!! I'll never have the guts to go to Blackout but love reading about all the gory details on your blog!

  5. Yup a review, walkthrough and interview with the creators is on its way....

  6. Please hurry...some of us only get to experience these things vicariously!!

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