Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giveaway Contest #3: YOU decide what the giveaway should be

Well I haven't done a giveaway contest in a while. I think the last one I did was the Buffy contest or it could have been that Deadneks DVD one. I forget. In any case, I became an American horror movie picker as my old company was basically throwing away DVDs. Sure these weren't the best DVDs but one man's junk is another man's treasure.

So I'm going to create a poll and let you decide which horror related DVD/novelty item you want me to giveaway in a contest I'll have in a few weeks. At some point, I'm going to hold a giveaway for each of these items, but you're in control for this one.

Here are the items up for grabs. I haven't watched any of these films except for House of the Devil which I saw in the theater.

1.) The House of the Devil VHS clamshell

the jaded viewer says: I reviewed this film waaaaay back when. Babysitting meets the devil flick. I gave it 2 spinkicks. But this is the limited edition collectable VHS clamshell edition of the flick. If you still have a VCR, this is probably awesome.

Trailer with a Danielle Harris lookalike.

2.) Ferocious Planet DVD (a SyFy Original Movie via Maneater Series)

the jaded viewer says: Stars Joe Flanigan and John Rhys-Davies. New copy of this SyFy original movie. Who knows what the plot is but I'm sure the flick has awesome CGI. Here's the trailer.

3.) Savage County DVD (via MTV New Media)

the jaded viewer says: I think the soundtrack may be better than the movie. Texas Chainsaw ripoff for sure for the MTV generation.

Trailer because you didn't ask for it.

4.) Fertile Ground (via After Dark Originals)

the jaded viewer says: I think the house doesn't like this big city couple too much. You know how I LOVE After Dark originals right?

Trailer because you want to see scenes that are way too dark.




  1. I'm surprised you didn't love (not like, love) House of the Devil! It was such a carefully realized recreation of late 70's/early 80's horror. Low on camp, but high on tension. Obviously that's where my votes at!

  2. But there was almost no story to the film (House of the Devil) what so ever. About 70 minutes of her walking around a house either scared, dancing, or encountering false alarms. That's not a movie to me.

    Give me Babysitter Wanted anyday.