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Top 10 Villains from Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

Arnold is rumored to be in The Expendables. Hopefully he'll be joining the action star packed cast so we can see him kick ass in a brief cameo. But in the meantime, after my 20th viewing of watching Commando on AMC I figured this list was due. Yeah we can rank Ar-nuhld movies forever, but lets rank Arnold villains. Because their quotes are as good as Arnolds, right?
So here are the top 10 villains from the Schwarzenegger movie filmography.

Top 10 Villains from Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

10.) Cullen Crisp, Sr.

From: Kindergarten Cop

Dude, he tried to kidnap a little kid and kill some ferrets. Now that's just fuckin evil.

Plus he tried to burn down a school and he's all Sopranos-ed up.

Thanks to Detective Kimble, he didn't succeed.

9.) All the soldiers in the Val Verde Army

From: Commando

According to IMDB Trivia, Matrix kills only 81 people in Commando. Well most of them were soldiers loyal to El Presidente, Arias who were part of the very inept army of Val Verde.

All the soldiers never stood a chance again the one man Army of John Matrix, because if you get in the way of Matrix and his daughter Jenny, you're a dead man.

8.) Salim Abu Aziz

From: True Lies

Salim Abu Aziz was the leader of the terrorist group Crimson Jihad. Working in cahoots with the hottie Juno Skinner to smuggle a nuclear bomb into the US, he had a lot of of henchman at his disposal but all proved to be useless. He even kidnapped Harry Tasker's daughter (and you know what happens when you get between Arnold and his fictional daughter, see above). Give him credit though, he actually got away from Tasker in an awesome motorcycle vs horse scene.

7.) Killian

From: The Running Man

What's more evil than a dictator or terrorist? A reality game show producer killing convicts for sport.

Killian is the host of "The Running Man", where stalkers snuff out cons for the American masses. But when he puts Ben Richards on the show, Richards easily disposes of stalkers Dynamo, Sub Zero and Buzzsaw.

Killian's game show manipulated the truth and kept the audiences in the dark. A reality show thats actually scripted? Get the fuck out of here!

6.) TX aka Terminatrix

From: Terminator 3

She's hot, she's a Terminator that kills other Terminators and she's hot.

The TX actually gives our Model 101 a run for his money in this one. Coldblooded, meticulous and an arsernal full of Cyberdyne weaponry, the TX makes red leather look damn good.

5.) Thulsa Doom

From: Conan the Barbarian

Thulsa Doom, leader of the evil Snake Cult kills Conan's parents and force him to life as a slave.

Hows that for being evil?

Let's throw in virgin sacrifices, slavery and pillaging.

Conan goes all revenge is a dish served cold and proceeds to behead Mr. Doom. This is what happens when you worship snakes.

Large, giant humongous snakes.

4.) Richter

From: Totall Recall

"See you at the party Richter!"

Yeah Cohaagen was the mastermind, but it's Richter that does all the dirty work. He's the one who killed the girl with 3 tits (what a waste) and was banging Sharon Stone.

He killed a lot of innocent people, but thanks to Quaid he loses both arms and falls to death in a very happy, gruesome fashion.

3.) Bennett

From: Commando

Let's go thru his evil resume. Kidnaps Jenny Matrix, kills Matrix's unit, helps an evil dictator and is Australian.

He's like a live action Zartan!

Poor Bennett, if only he let out some steam, he wouldn't be this tense. Thank goodness, Matrix makes that happen.

2.) The Predator

From: Predator

The best Arnold villains are the one's that hold their own against him. The Predator does just that. He's just as cunning, strong and just as badass as Dutch.

Even when the camoflauge tech goes on the fritz, he stands mano y mano with Dutch.

And even with his last breath, the Predator still
tried to get the last laugh by blowing up most of a Southern American country.

1.) T-1000

From: Terminator 2

Well of course the T-1000 is #1. Why wouldn't this Terminator that's mimetic metal alloy and can shapeshift be the best villain in all of Arnold's flicks.

C'mon, you weren't even sure if the T-1000 could be beat when you saw T2 for the first time.

The T-1000 was so bad ass, terminated countless innocent civies and caused so much destruction, at some points I was cheering for it.

When it walked thru steel bars, got shot a zillion times and ran faster than Usain Bolt, I was like WTF!

The T-1000 is the pinnacle of all Arnold villains. Nuff said.

Did I miss one? Do you have a favorite Arnold villain? Chime in and comment below.

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  1. this list is FABULOUS. :) and yes, killing ferrets is evil as hell. coulda used some jingle all the way though ;)

  2. Thanks. Hmm Sinbad was evil in Jingle all the Way. Come to think of it, maybe Arnold was more eviler.

    I hope to do a Van Damme villains next.

  3. if you do a van damme villains list, be sure to include chong-li and emil fouchon :) great list! glad to see bennett made the top 3

  4. I'm trying to compile that list as we speak. Thanks for the comment.

  5. every character played by Arnold has became a legend. Love u Arnie.

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