Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Raging Phoenix (Trailer)

Holy fuckin cow. I just wet myself. After the "ehh oh wow" that was Ong Bak 2, Tony Jaa is sooo yesterday. Just let me watch JeeJa Yanin kick ass again makes the jaded viewer a happy boy.

So what will we get to see in her new movie following her debut after Chocolate?

An romantic action-omedy!

Mega intense training montage!!

You Got Served meets Ong Bak!!!

Chinese Drunken Fist vs Drunken Muay Thai!!!!

Choreographed Doubles tag team fight movies!!!!!


The mega hot Jeeja Yanin
Kazoo, TRICKZ martial arts champion from France!?
Roontawan, The Asia Pacific Woman Bodybuilding Champion?!?
Thai B-Boys!?!?

What more do you want? (Oh, duh. Of course the trailer which you can see below)

Plot seems to revolve around a gang kidnapping rich girls in Thailand so they can harvest their organs or some other. But plots in muay thai action is like dialogue in porn, it's totally irrelevant.

This looks uber awesome.

Thanks to Twitch for the heads up and the trailers. You can check out Twitch more info-rama.