Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sweet Karma (Trailer)

The subgenre of rape and revenge is still alive and kickin. But this time with a twist. Because it seems our heroine in this one kicks ass for all exploited women. Tack another Must See exploitation/grindhouse movies of 2009.

Check out the plot below.

There’s an underground sex trade in Toronto that few people know about. It’s a modern day world of slavery controlled by organized crime that under its thin veil of beauty and seduction is rife with drugs and extreme violence. It’s a world few would deliberately choose to enter, let alone a shy, beautiful 21 year-old girl from Russia like Karma Balint. But unlike the others that inhabit this sleazy world, Karma has one thing and one thing only on her mind. Revenge.

She's also a mute Russian hottie. Seems very similar to They Call Her One Eye and Ms. 45 doesn't it?

The movie will be making its premiere, July 11th at the Fantasia Film Fest in Montreal.

Check out the trailer below. Thanks to Arrow in the Head for the update.


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