Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Religulous (Trailer)

With election-mania well under way, I'd like to now tell you what my political affiliation is.


I'm a horror-crat. Also referred to as a jadedpublican.

Both parties are fucked up. But documentaries about religion are funny. And that's whre Bill Maher comes in.

Real Time with Bill Maher is some good shit. Definitely Daily Show-ish with some Colbert Report and a dash of the Awful Truth.

Bill Maher's doc-hmm maybe more like mockumentary looks to offend more Christians, Jews, Muslums and Hindus than any film...well ever.

Check out the trailer.

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  1. There won't be a line for this, but if there were, I'd be first in it. Love Real Time, and I couldn't share Maher's views on religion much more. Hope it lives up to my expectations.

  2. Unfortunately this probably won't change any minds. It'll be Maher preaching to the Atheist choir, while the "faithful" stay far, far away. I definitely can't wait to see it though. George Carlin sums up most of my feelings about religion in two minutes.

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