Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Black Devil Doll: The TV Series.....Hell Yeah Motherf*cker!

I've been waiting for a while for the Lewis "brothers" to give me their next motherfuckin lowest common denominator flick. I thought it was gonna be Bottom Feeder. But it looks like that shit ain't gonna happen. So what's the next best thing?

Black Devil Doll....the TV series.

Oh hell yeah.

You all probably know how I feel about this flick. I reviewed Black Devil Doll and gave it 4 spinkicks. The DVD is fuckin hilarious. And did I mention the book? There's letters and words in that shit.

So how do I feel about a TV series based on the movie that got turned into a book that was released on DVD?

Let's get this puppet some white women!

Head over to the IndieGogo site and give these jive ass filmmakers some of your weed and beer money to get this thing done.

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