Friday, November 18, 2011

A Jaded Viewer Giveaway: Savage County and Ferocious Planet DVDs!

It's my final jaded viewer horror giveaway for 2011! As it's my last giveaway of the year, we're going out with both barrels loaded. If you win, you'll get not one, but TWO DVDs! I'll be honest, I had no interest in reviewing these flicks. Looking at some reviews, they're not what you'd consider "kick ass awesome" or even "mediocrely average". Sure I could have watched them and probably created awesome mockery reviews but I'm going to hope you can do that for me.

If you win, feel free to write up a review (be it a paragraph or more) after you watch the flick. Send it to me and I'll post it up!

So what do you need to do to enter?

Enter by leaving your name and e-mail address in the comments. On or around December 18th or so I'll randomly pick a winner. That's it.

If you can, be sure to "Like" the Jaded Viewer Facebook page, follow me on Twitter and be sure to spread the word on this contest on your Facebook walls, Google Plus circles and tweet it out.

Here are the trailers for these flicks.

Good luck!


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to participate in the Savage County and Ferocious Planet DVD Giveaway!

    Ron Oliver

  2. Tony Ramos

  3. lmao @ "not even mediocrely average." okay, i'll bite.

    Kim Kreutter


  4. Morten Block

    Cheers :-)

  5. Robert England (Yeah that's my real name)

  6. Brandon Bennett

  7. yeah ha!


  8. Ross Williams

  9. I would love to win this!

    Ricardo Rivera