Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prayer to a Vengeful God (Trailer)

Last year, I reviewed a great indie crime noir film called The Local, directed by Dan Eberle. I gave it 3 spinkicks because it was like a Charles Bukowski poem come to life. Well Eberle is back with his latest movie called Prayer to a Vengeful God and from the trailer it seems its a combination of tearful drama and a gritty revenge noir film put together.

So what's it about?

After the tragic murder of his wife, and mortal wounding at the hands of her murderer, John Krause wakes up from a four-month dream, to a waking nightmare of pain, addiction, violation, loss, and finally, all-consuming vengeance.

PRAYER TO A VENGEFUL GOD is the story of one man’s journey from successful, upper-class citizen, to debilitated mentalcase, to battle-hardened street killer. All to kill a man he’s never met, to commemorate a wife he never really knew.

Told in a lyrical cinematic style, entirely without dialogue, PRAYER TO A VENGEFUL GOD is a silent study of how the lust for revenge twists and rends, and despite its carnal satisfactions, can never change the past.

Hmmm, its completely without dialogue? Now I'm intrigued. I'm not sure how Eberle will pull this off but he's talented enough to do it.

Check out the Facebook page for more info. Its looking like it will be released Fall 2010.

Now check out the trailer below!


  1. Is it me or does the lead look like a young Mickey Rourke?

    And the scene with the girls are walking down the underground tunnel, I got flashbacks of Irreversible. Ick!

  2. If Mickey Rourke and Donnie Wahlberg had a love child, it would be Dan Eberle who plays John Krause in this film.
    This looks pretty darn interesting. Thanks for the heads up on it.
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum