Friday, February 12, 2010

The Shortround: Suicide Girl and Fewdio Shorts

The one thing that I've been not familiar with is the world of web horror and horror shorts. I've been trying to correct this with my ongoing The Shortround series where I put up shorts or web series that I think are pretty cool.

So after stumbling on a short by Drew Daywalt called Suicide Girl via Horrorland, I must say I was impressed. Once you see something you like, you start Fox Mulder-ing the investigation to see what else you can find. Thus, my extensive viewing of shorts on their YouTube Channel.

Color me floored. This is some good shit.

I am ecstatic that I found these videos and these are some of the best high quality, top notch horror shorts I've ever seen. All the shorts are masterfully produced, feature solid acting, eerie soundtrack and music, expert camera work and deliver the BOO! scares you won't forget.

First, go watch what caught my eye and you can be my Dana Scully and believe the hype I've been throwing at you.

Check out the Drew Daywalt's short called "Suicide Girl"

the jaded viewer says: For a 4 minute short, it packs a creepy punch right out of the park. Internet horror is usually hit or miss but this little short blends social tech with Ringu style madness. One of the best shorts I've seen.

Here are a few more shorts I think are standouts from the mass filmography of Fewdio Entertainment. Some of them are long slow burns that BOO! you, others are a minute or so of Twilight Zone twisty twizzler horror goodness.

I'm never closing my eyes.....again

The worst job in the world....


Love that spin cycle...

So many other good shorts, check all of them out at Fewdio's YouTube Channel.


  1. rose is now turned, watch out she is a biter...

    check this out:
    Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet

    you can download like 12 min of the film and win stuff!

  2. I watched the Suicide Girl on and the one about the Easter Bunny recently and both were fantastic and so short! Awesome stuff.

  3. great great stuff, excellent post

  4. Very nice, I will be sure to come back for the rest when I score some more sweet ass time

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