Thursday, February 25, 2010

The few, the proud, the Horror Blogger Alliance

Over the last few weeks, the horror blogosphere has had it's share of controversial issues (awards, etc) which seem in retrospect were a little nitpicky yet oddly mesmerizing.

We went into an award frenzy. But that's not the main point of this post. More so it's the fact that somebody decided not to divide the blogosphere but unite us.

That's where Carl @ I Like Horror did. Early this month, he started the Horror Blogger Alliance.

What is the Horror Blogger Alliance? Simply an organization on the interweb to unite us all horror bloggers together and get us to talk about horror issues, debate on some interesting questions and link up on our common reviews and posts.

So far it's been awesome. And the best part?

Anybody can join!

Now up to over 130 blogs, if you have a horror slanted blog you can join the Alliance. No fancy membership process, no gender or racial divide. Nothing. The only so called rules is your blog should be horror-rish.

Think about it. There are probably well over 200 horror blogs running right now (I totally just made up that number based on minimal info). Until Carl created the HBA, nobody thought to organize a grassroots org like structure for all these blogs. Sure there are the League of Tana Tea Drinkers and now the newly formed Tea Party of the Dead but special criteria applies for these.

I'm not saying you shouldn't have these orgs as well, but it's more like a frat/sorority horror blogging group rather than an all inclusive group like the HBA. No disrespect to the LOTTD or TPD as I'd be honored if chosen to be part of the LOTT D (though for the TPD, I'd have to get a special operation to join).

My main point is that after all the weird bullshit with the awards crap which even resulted in the LOTTD's Bloody Blogger Awards being cancelled, we finally have a org in which everybody can join and feel like they're part of a real internet community.

I just wanted to say thanks to Carl for creating the HBA. He picked a damn good time to start it up and its looking like it's just what we needed after all these weird awards issues that came up.

So if you have a horror blog, head over to the Horror Blogger Alliance and join up. Damn good idea Carl. I gotta think of one too.

Hmmm, maybe I should start up the Van Damme for President Blogging Federation. Who's with me?


  1. VD4PRES...

    i agree about the HBA carl is a cool cat and i proud to be in the group, there
    never seems to be a good place for zombies... only in our hearts.

    thanks for making mention of this to your readers.

  2. I second that emotion, JV.

    And there's always room for zombies at my house...


  3. I have a gift for you, Jaded...another AWARD! It's a fun one too.

    Check it out when you get a chance:

    And thanks for following/commenting on my blog!

  4. Did that last post go through? Man that was a long one too lol.. Thanks for the positive feedback JV, the HBA was formed in direct response to the drama and quarrels that were coming up online recently. The best way for us to see individual success is by supporting each other and providing each other with the strength, support, and structure we need to continue with our hard effort online! Glad to see so much participation in each of our members!