Saturday, October 24, 2009

See Black Dynamite, Save Orphans from Smack!

Well this is a rare Saturday post because we have an emergency.

Did you know if you go to the theater and watch Black Dynamite an orphan gets detoxed from smack?

You didn't know that did you. Well it's true. I know you guys don't want to see a 6 year old, addicted to smack breaking into your home looking for some loose change so he can get his next fix.

So do something about it! By donating money to see Black Dynamite, you get that kid off the street and into a detox program where he will be given the best in medical treatment (plus he gets a lollipop and a a dollar worth of quarters for the local arcade).

In all seriousness, Black Dynamite has gotten this theatrical run due to the blogs, fan hype and word of mouth. But this has not equaled box office success. If the movie doesn't get more dead presidents, it'll be pulled from it's theatrical run.

So let's get crackin. Do it for the orphans and for the blaxploitation engine that could.

If that doesn't convince you, then check out the links below.

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So here are all theaters in the motherfuckin USA that are showing Black Dynamite.

BLACK DYNAMITE Locations & Theaters

New York
Regal E-Walk Stadium
Angelika Film Center

Los Angeles
AMC Burbank Town Center
The Bridge
The Arclight Hollywood

AMC Loews Cherry Hill

Regal Atlantic Station
Regal Hollywood
AMC North Dekalb Mall
AMC Parkway Point
AMC Discover Mills 18

AMC Pacific Place 11
Varsity Theater
Regal Parkway Plaza 12

AMC Loews 600 North Michigan
AMC Loews Pipers Alley
ICE Chatham

Check out the trailer.

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1 comment:

  1. I wish I wasnt part of the problem, but fuck man it took me 3 weeks just to find a babysitter and see Paranormal Activity.. Im afraid I will have to leave this one to the pros that are already in LA, the drive from SD just wont work..

    If nothing else, lets hope for a prosperous DVD following!!