Monday, October 05, 2009

The WTF List: Zombieland

Good ole America. We're back to take what's rightfully ours. I guy from Pittsburgh created the zombie film so it's fitting we take back the zombie comedy. Hey, Shaun of the Dead, you had your time at the top, but Zombieland shotgunned you out of the way and blew a hole right in your face.

Ruben Fleischer's Zombieland, written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have created the new standard in zombie comedy. You get the feel they took all the zombie culture references (Max Brook's The Zombie Survival Guide being most evident and every other zombie comedy and blended it into a cohesive, yummy tasting awesome comedy.

Woody H., Jesse E, Emma S and Abigail B are all working a nice solid with their performances. Just dead on with Woody as the redneck papa, Jesse playing his Adventureland role in a post apocalyptic way and Emma being the hottie with the scams and Abigail taking her tween acting into overdrive.

OK, enough of the gushing and spewing of love by me. It's just going to get messy. On to the WTF list. SPOILERS OHOY!

1.) The opening slo mo sequence is credit breaking-tastic
2.) Cardio
3.) Double Tap
4.) 406 may be the hottest zombie to appear ever
5.) Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock (now thats what I call memorable movie character names)
6.) Enjoy the Little Things
7.) The ring con
8.) Twinkies have a half life...I'm sure of it.
9.) Fast moving zombies are only awesome when there in slo mo
10.) The logical conclusion of fat zombies
11.) "You gotta love rednecks!"
12.) Who you gonna call?
13.) I did not know B.M. was in this. So when Zombie Bill showed up I almost laughed out loud my vocal cords
14.) "We're gonna build a fort" (I just liked that line)
15.) Tallahassee goes John Wayne on the amusement park zombies
16.) No more Facebooking status updates ever in Zombieland
17.) Columbus's Diablo Cody self aware dialogue
18.) Bill and Columbus reenact a scene from Ghostbusters with Wichita doing to Janine voice
19.) The end credits have one final scene with Bill and Woody
20.) Bill's demise and Garfield reference

21.) Zombie Kill of the Week!

Here are some of the 47 rules to survive Zombieland

1.) Cardio
2.) Beware of Bathrooms
3.) Seatbelts
4.) Double Tap
5.) Travel Light
6.) Cast Iron Skillet
12.) Bounty Paper Towels
15.) Bowling Ball
17.) Don't be a hero
29.) The Buddy System
31.) Check the backseat
32.) Enjoy the little things
33.) Swiss Army Knife

All the videos to the rules can be found here.

Megagasmic awesome flick thru and thru. The fact they didn't let up with the gore and splatter is a testament to the fact that they know Wiki about zombie movies. It hit on all the right notes, was self aware of what it was parodying but then made it its own.

Zombieland is probably going to be my #1 comedy (not just zombie comedy) of 2009. With this rush of vampire flicks infiltrating TV and movies, the zombie horror comedy movie may be on the decline. But Tallahassee isn't hearing that shit.

Go see Zombieland.


  1. I had no intention of seeing this flick until DVD, but it sounds like a complete theater experience in order to be enjoyed properly, going to try to get into theaters this weekend

  2. I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I must say though it was written like a cookie cutter comedy with zombie thrown in. There really wasn't that much zombie action in it. Just the kid annoying everyone by trying to be like Michael Cera. Woody was epic though. Nice list. Id agree on most of it, but then again it felt like a they were just cashing in on the zombie movie to turn a shameless buck. Especially when i heard the director had never seen a zombie movie before he got the job to direct.

  3. this post show the simple rules to survive in Zombieland, the most important rule to me is the number 32.) Enjoy the little things, this rule help you to resist day after day, all the nonsense zombie massacre no matter if you have a machine gun or a bazooka, you always need a little impulse to keep going.

  4. Anyone hear more rumors that Zombieland2 will happen??