Thursday, October 08, 2009

Black Dynamite (Exclusive Clips!)

It's Thursday. It's a very good Thursday because tonight I'm going to see Black Dynamite! Wooohooo! Yay! Too bad suckas!

Well I've been hyping up this flick by posting the trailer, putting up funny ass clips and Fighting Smack in the Orphanage.

I'm super amped up to see this flick and you should be too. I'm going to get ready by drinking a 40 of some Anaconda Malt Liquor and also fighting that damn smack in the orphanage. You should too. I mean these little orphans are hooked and prostituting by the age of 2 for shits sake.

My review will be up tomorrow (hopefully if I don't drink to much Anaconda). For now, check out some exclusive clips from some jibber jabbering cult sites FunnyorDie and Black Firecracker TNT with Ebony Explosion “Black Dynamite's Dojo”'s Fight Smack in the Orphanage "Man on the Street's War on Smack

Also, we got more viral yumminess. What else you ask you jive ass fool?

Black Dynamite Yo'Self

Black Dynamite Talkin' Jive (Soundboard)

Aren't you psyched up you punk ass brothas?

Black Dynamite opens October 16th.

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  1. I saw the trailer about a year ago and have been waiting since then. "SHH you gonna wake the otha bitches"