Monday, August 17, 2009

Stake Land (Teaser Trailer)

The one thing I do is try to support the NYC indie horror scene as best I can. Sometimes it means promoting some friend's friend horror flick. But the name that has become synonymous within NYC horror is Larry Fessenden.

Fessenden Glass Eye Pix has produced some of the more interesting horror flicks that have come out. And now he is producing Jim Mickle's new movie Stake Land. Mickle first hit the horror radar with his After Dark Horrorfest flick Mulberry Street (full review here) which I dug very much. That flick was about terrorizing the infamous street in NYC.

With Stake Land (such an awesome title), he's going to bring the urban and road gritty setting and blend it into the vampire genre. Let the Right One In this is not. Fuck Twatlight and all the other pussy vampire shit that's coming out. These are the hard hittin, evil fucked up kind of vampires that don't give a shit about romantic tweens. They'd rather rip their necks apart and splatter their intestines across the desert.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

Here's the official site.


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