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Black Devil Doll (Review)

Black Devil Doll

Black Devil Doll (2009)

Directed by Jonathan Lewis
Written by Shawn Lewis/Mitch Mayes

He's a mothafuckin' Puppet!!!!

If you've been following the jaded viewer, you know I've been hyping the fuckin shit out this movie for a while now.

I posted the trailer back in August of last year and been giving updates on the on and off DVD release. So after much hoopla, hype and uber buzz, it was no question, I would watch the NYC theatrical premiere last Friday with a bunch of other fucked up New Yorkers in a semi packed theater.

And it's exactly the right setting to have seen it at. The special screening was at midnight, (of course!) and the crowd was a mixed bag of hardcore 'sploitation fans, movie genre fans and some manofest white and black brothas who just wanted to see some funny ass shit. There was some yelling, screaming and tons of laughs. The audience participation was as funny as the movie. One dude yelled out "How'd he get outside so fast?" questioning the logic of the flick. I turned to Insano Steve and said, "Wow I was thinking that too but whom am I to question logic in a flick about a fuckin possessed black devil doll killing Caucasian women?"

And we did see some funny ass shit. And barring a fuckin nuclear apocalypse, Black Devil Doll is going to end up as my #1 best movie of 2009.

Boring Plot-O-Matic

(From the official site)

A young, moist, buxom teen vixen finds herself hurled into an odyssey of forbidden sex and unspeakable violence after an innocent evening dabbling in the occult. What started as a simple child's game has now become a fight for her life! What is this evil that she has summoned from beyond? And why does it have a fro? What kind of horrific acts will she be subjected to? And what price will her super-hot, half-nude friends have to pay?
But more importantly, how much Caucasian blood will have to be shed to stop....the BLACK DEVIL DOLL?!!"

Awesome Review-O-Matic

So if you haven't heard of this flick, you must have been in a cave in North Dakota. The trailer spread like fire on the interweb and was a masterpiece in itself. The big question for the movie was could it live up to the mega hype it was getting.

There is no fuckin doubt it does.

From a hilarious animated opening MPAA credit sequence to the closing credit "Oakland Fried Chicken" scene, the movie is filled with so much insanity, you might as well check into the Bellvue psych ward after viewing it.

But let's get into the breasts, thighs and legs of this flick first (pun so fuckin intended). We'll get to the voluptious vixens in a sec, let's first talk about the irrelevant plot. Our wise ass jiving motherfuckin hero is Mubia Abul-Jama, an ex Black Panther whose been sentenced to death for killing 15 Caucasian women. He gets reincarnated into a "ventrickelist" dummy, complete with awesome fro and black fist power t-shirt.

Heather, a E cup hottie soon falls for our hero and they are in relationship mode complete with ice cream at the park strolls, swings and slide fun, picnics and puppet-human grunt-a-thons. It's one of the most hilarious, very aware cliche mockeries I've ever seen. But it gets into much more than that.

Black Devil Doll takes the mild Team America puppet sex scene to a more extreme level, where reactions from our doll make Ole English 40 come out of your nose. Think of the most basic porn movie, all the multiple positions. Got it? Now think of that with a fuckin black devil doll puppet.

Heather's ex-boyfriend, White T also makes an appearance. A "Wigga" in the truest sense of the word. Jealous and bent on capping that midget fool, he comes into play in a major scene later on. But let's get to the good shit right?

Soon Heather has her friends over who arrive and take a car wash scene music video to a next level. Natasha, Candi, Buffy and Bambi are the sexiest of the ho's from the neighborhood and as dumb as bricks. Soon we get some "show me some boobies" and gratuitous Twister to show off their awesome "assets". The sexploitation oozes out for all of us to see, it all oozes out of our doll.

But the movie goes down a more hilarious fucked up road. Filled with fart and bowel movement jokes, sleazy racial derogatory comments and women taking showers and baths, it's also self aware. Whatever you were thinking, our black devil doll is also thinking and telling the audience. It's so clever in its intelligence to break the 4th wall it might have been overlooked on first viewing.

This is partially a horror movie and so the kill scenes are as patently offensive as all the others. Our anti-hero soon dispatches of our hotties in cruel and unusual ways. Rejoice gorehounds! There is plenty of sliced throats, bashed heads and anal rape scenes for you to enjoy.

Yes I said it. Anal fuckin rape. A climactic kill scene has a man get anally raped and then tossed some menthols (what else would it be) Can that actually be topped? Oh fuck yeah. Later, we get more dummy doll-human boink-a-thons that no doubt have corrupted your already jaded cerebral. More multiple positions, more "salad tossing", more "golden showers". Yes horror kin, it goes for the fuckin trifecta of sleaze.

I am leaving so much out that it's best to see with your blaxploitation virginity intact. Never have a I seen a movie where shock scene after shock scene, I was falling off the chair. Having seen Bruno, you can get that feeling of uncomfortableness and nervous laughter. In Black Devil Doll, there was none of that. It's perfectly set up to have you shout "OHHHHH SHIT!!!" and "NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M FUCKIN TALKING ABOUT".

No doubt this movie was shot on a shoe string, but the quality of the movie is not a YouTube amateur wannabe filmmaker. Jonathan Lewis and company made solid quality high tech effects, from the splatterific gore to the "Negroscope" vision (and you don't need Real D 3D glasses for it). Working on so many levels, even the bad acting has to be considered part of the movie.

Black Devil Doll is the apex of all modern day blaxploitation movies, filled with sleazy humor, tons of nudity and splatter happy gore. Harking back to the old grimy and sticky Times Square grindhouse days, Black Devil Doll is a tour de force of debauchery, insanity and nudity.

(I love when critics use the overused term "tour de force")

Many movies claim to try to go and remake or reboot the grindhouse/exploitation glory days. We've seen the shit Hollywood comes out with to Cha Ching money to the bank. PG-13 exploitation might be good enough for tweens, but it's not the malt liquor we hardcore horror fans want.

When a movie like Bruno is the supposed most offensive of its time, out comes a movie from the indie underground like Black Devil Doll to say "FUCK YOU BITCH! I'm the motherfuckin pimp of pimps."

I couldn't say it better myself. Actually I did say it.


Sliced throats
Bashed Heads
Golden Showers
Shit (yup shit)


Really? Do I need to actually write this list? There is so much nudity in BDD, if you blinked you might have missed some titties.

WTF moment


The Jaded Viewer's Final Prognosis

You need to see this movie. That's it. It's a must fuckin see. If you call yourself a horror fan, it's the hidden secret everybody has been talking about.

The film has ended it's theatrical run but comes out on DVD on October 27th. Preorder is on Oct 2nd. Also being released is a tie in novel. You can go here for more information.

As the unrated trailer warns: "If the thought of a wayard white woman having sexual relations with a demonic jive ass black puppet offends you, DO NOT SEE Black Devil Doll..."

The rest of you, go see this bad ass, crazy muthafuckin movie.


Check out the Rated R trailer.

See the unrated, uncensored trailer on the official site.

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  1. Hey man, Shawn Lewis here. Love your review, and I'm so happy that you liked the film and enjoyed yourself! Thanks so much for helping spread the word!

  2. Indeed, great review, it basically touches on everything I thought the first time I watched it. I'm glad other people are just as entertained as I am by the fact that every single line or shot or effect has a purpose, and that the sum of the entire film is as intelligent as it is, when the parts are so unabashedly trashy.

  3. With a review like that, how can anyone resist? I have been skipping any news and reviews on the flick because I had thought it was just going to be a cheapo D2DVD shlockfest along the lines of the recent Full Moon travesties

  4. Carl - It is far from any Full Moon Euroshlock. It's offensive and degrading, but if you're in the mood for no holds barred anti PC 'sploitation, Black Devil Doll destroys anybody who thinks they have an offensive movie.

    And its not just shock that makes it good, its really really really funny.

    Shawn and company have made a tongue in cheek blaxploitation doozy of a flick.
    Even the closing credits are hilarious.

    What does everybody else think whose seen the flick?

  5. Great review! You totally nailed it! Best film I have seen in a theatre EVER! I can't wait to get my greasey mitts on the DVD, book and soundtrack!

  6. Thanks. I can't wait to preorder this bad boy. Shawn loaded it up with tons of good extras. It's gonna be an uber version of BDD.

  7. I have yet to see this remake, but did see the original 1984 version, BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL (well, what little I could make it through). The trailer for the new one didn't excite me in the slightest, but due to so many raving about it, I've gotten slightly curious over it. Those who enjoy hilarious bad movies should try and sit through the original movie, too.

  8. I did see bits and pieces of the original on YouTube. It looked horrible. The trailer actually got me psyched for Black Devil Doll. I thought it wouldn't live up to the trailer but it did.

    If you like sleazy, vulgar, shit and BJ jokes blaxsploitation well you gotta see this....