Friday, May 08, 2009

Top 37 Hottest Women of Star Trek

Yowsers. Well ain't that a picture worth a million words.

That is of course the naked backside of the hot Jolene Blalock who played T'Pol in Star Trek: Enterprise.

I will admit, I am a part time Trekkite. I've actually watched only a handful of the Original Series. I got into Star Trek by watching the Next Generation.

But to me, Star Trek Deep Space Nine is almost as good as the reimagining of Battlestar Galactica (Ronald Moore was the exec producer on both).

So with the release of rebooted prequel coming out today, I could have bored you with a Star Trek minor characters list.

But I know the nude-ipedia sells more tissues.

So instead I implore you to check out The Hotties of Star Trek (which includes hotties from all the TV series and the movies!) courtesy of

I don't agree with the #1 pick, but 37 pages of beautiful, voluptuous aliens and humans kinda sells itself.

Will they have Orion slave girls in the new movie?

I'm hoping they do.


  1. Dude! Why didn't you include a warning in your post title that would have let me know I was going to scroll down and see ass crack? Now I have to go wash my eyeballs!
    In truth this wasn't a particularly shocking nude, more of an art nude as a still, really. But nonetheless I was not expecting it!

  2. LOL. I rarely put any fleshiness on the site unless the review asks for it :-P

    You'd think the fact I list out a Nudipedia would allow for more shameless photos...well let me think about that one