Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adam Green's "Fairy Tale Police" (Short Film)

I'm a subscriber of ArieScope's channel on YouTube, which is home to Adam Green's (Hatchet) collection of awesome shorts. I blogged about this short a while back, after seeing his recent short "Saber". then hopped onto Xbox live to view it.

Well now the full version is on YouTube so you can all check it out without going onto Xbox Live.

Starring the hot Rachael Leigh Cook and the Green regular Parry Shen, these cops "kick ass so you can happily live ever after".

Check out the entire short below. Good times.


  1. You never fail to blog about awesome stuff I can watch...for free!

    This short was excellent, thanks for pointing me in its direction.

    - Zac

  2. I like sharing what I find on the interweb. Been following Adam Green and his funny shorts for a while.