Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Shepherd: Border Patrol (Review)

The Sherpherd: Border Patrol

The Sherpherd: Border Patrol (2008)

Directed by Isaac Florentine

Let's call these straight to DVD Van Damme flicks the end of the end.


Van Damme has stated he wants to make "character action". These character action STV movies started with Replicant and have continued endlessly. Post theatre Van Damme has had a few decent flicks. Replicant was actually ok. Umm. I think that was it.

Suffice it to say we really don't need to go on an in depth review of this. So I'll try to summarize in a few sentences or less.

So on to the nitty gritty cliffnotes version.

What's the plot?

Van Damme plays Jack who after his daughter ODs (yes I just told you a major spoiler) joins the border patrol and vows vengeance after the American Special Forces who are in cahoots with the Mexican cartels along the US/Mexican border.

Are the evildoers evil?

Not really.

Is the Border Patrol really inept?

Yes. And very corrupt.

Is there a lot of action?

Some gun fights ensue and Van Damme gets some good shots in.

Is there a WTF moment?

Totally. A bus armed to the teeth carrying drugs, nuns, priests and the turncoat American army baddies crosses the border with JCVD and his black sidekick in tow. Shootout ensues. Very surreal.

Is there a classic Van Damme moment?

Pretty much it's the jailhouse fight scene.
Van Damme stunt double (sigh) does some awesome martial arts against a rogue inmate. It's the best scene in the film. So why don't you watch it below.

Is there a guy who outshines JCVD?

Yes. Scott Adkins fight scene with JCVD at the end reminds us what JCVD use to be.

Is it true the comic relief comes in the form of a bunny?


Is there gratuitous nudity?

Yes. We see Mexican boobies.

Should I watch this film in its entirety?

No. It will make your eyes bleed.

Can I get the gist of it by watching clips of it on YouTube?

Frak yeah!

Is JCVD's career over?

Unfortunately yes. Unless of course J.C.V.D. becomes a hit.


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  1. Um... Van Damme does his own fighting it this movie.