Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays from the Jaded Viewer

Happy Holidays from

I've got 2 gifts for all you jaded viewers out there. 2 magnificent kick ass trailers. One for Machine Girl and the other for Mirage Man. Both are foreign flicks that will probably be super mega duper in 2008.

Mirgage Man

Why do you think we here at jadedviewer think Mirage Man will kick ass?
He's seen 2 Girls 1 Cup....that's fuckin why. Classic viral shit.

He also kicks Barney's ass. Thank you Mirage Man.

Machine Girl

Machine Girl is Japan's answer to Kill Bill and Evil Dead combined.

Finally, I'm compiling my Top 10 Horror/Underground/Cult movies of 2007. It'll be a countdown to the best of what you probably never saw this year.

Happy Holidays!!


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