Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pornstars in horror films: Yay or Nay?

Yes I'm posing that question to you all. Is it a good thing or does it make a indie horror film better when their is a pornstar in it?

The most recent pornstar cameo in a horror film has gotta be Riley Steele's performance in Piranha 3D. The movie itself was awesome and somehow her appearance fit in with the Girls Gone Wild theme. But I've noticed a trend of late of pornstars being top billed on indie horror flicks like somehow we're going to flock to theaters or q up the Netflix because hot Pornstar A is in it.

Really? I mean really? It's obvious this type of casting is done to get more exposure for your indie horror film. But aren't you already sabotaging your film by making it "XXX Pornstar's first mainstream film!" What a disservice it is if the film might actually be good. Yeah right.

We can see these girls in action with a click of our mouse. Do I really need to see them half naked screaming with blood oozing down their heaving chest...umm I'll be right back.

Where are those tissues?

OK I'm back.

Below you'll find the invasion of pornstars in indie horror flicks. The one's below showcase the pornstar with actual speaking lines and who have a significant part in the film. Not like a Jenna Jameson cameo for like 5 secs.

What do you think?

The most recent......

Title: Bloodlust Zombies
Pornstar: Alexis Texas
The Jaded Viewer says: She's covered in blood as expected and somebody acknowledges a dancing naked lady. Really?
This is the 2nd time Breaking Glass Pictures has distributed a flick like this.

Title: Half Moon
Pornstar: Tori Black
The Jaded Viewer says: OMG I reviewed this film. Check out my review here. It's so bad, it's like the anti-Viagra. The first flick via BGP I know of with a pornstar hyped as the lead. Sigh.

Title: Smash Cut
Pornstar: Sasha Grey
The Jaded Viewer says: Sasha Grey's acting seems so slacker-ish. Like she's disinterested in whatever she's doing. It's probably because she's not use to acting without something in her mouth.

Title: Piranha 3D
Pornstar: Riley Steele
The Jaded Viewer says: Review of the flick here. Riley Steele fits into her role here actually perfectly. And that skinny dipping scene....just pure gratuitous naked awesomeness.

So pornstars in horror films: yay or nay? Chime in via the comments.


  1. They don't do enough explicit sex in the movies but try to act for the most part. It's not on i tell thee.

    Jaded, can i print your Serbian review on my wallpaper?

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  2. It's actually depressing seeing these women in scripted movies. I'm not saying any of them have any real talent, it's just sad and somehow sleazier that they would be in a hacked together horror movie (no pun intended).

    On Piranha, I saw it in theaters in 3D with my girlfriend at the time. I loved most of it (more work for Adam Scott please). But loathed the amazing amount of time spent on mutilating naked women. Seriously, WHY didn't we see more men die? We don't even see that bully die (after the boat propeller incident). And that bit with the legless parachute chick, that sure was a long shot of that.......was I suppose to jerk off to that?!

  3. A big fat fucking resounding nay! It's obvious its a gimmick and a terrible one at that. I've yet to see a decent film with one as the lead. And I instantly throw all credibility out the door when I see one featured so prominently.

  4. So, are ya'll saying that because someone has done porn they can't transition into regular work? Who cares if it's B movie horror or whatever? These people are professionals whether you know it or care to believe it or not. Moral high horses aren't cool. Mos of the other people in these crappy movies aren't any more talented than the porn actors. I say bravo to the porn stars. Bravo!

  5. It depends on the material and the actress. Marilyn Chambers certainly was up to the task in Cronenberg's RABID, and Traci Lords broke through... but then, they actually had to act. Haven't seen the new crop of pornstars in horror films, but it seems that they're more used as a marketing gimmick, rather than really bringing any sort of talent to the film. Sasha Grey is just slumming, having done a 'legitimate' film for Steven Soderbergh.

  6. I think it's dependant on the actress and the role, but if it's just used as a marketing gimmick and nothing more... that's not so good.

    But in all honesty, Ron Jeremy in One-Eyed Monster was a stellar bit of casting.

  7. Porn stars in horror films. For me, it's a sure sign that I should expect absolutely nothing from the movie--nothing. It's almost like a way for the filmmakers to say, "We've got nothin'. Here's some tits."

  8. I think that's a bit fantastic and hot in monster movies. For me it's yehey :D

  9. I was just talking to someone about something similar the other day. If I pick up your horror DVD and the synopsis begins with a description of what the girls look like, that's not going to grab my attention as much as a synopsis that describes how scary the movie is. I expect, nay, demand, hot chicks in my horror movies as a matter of course, and I'm a mostly straight female.