Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Insano Steve’s One Sentence Reviews-O-Matic (Perverted Japanese Edition)

It's this week's Insano Steve's one sentence review-o-matics. If you missed the previous edition, check it out here. I tasked Insano Steve to review every movie in his DVD collection but instead he gave one sentence reviews (lazy bastard).

This week's edition: Perverted Japanese Edition! Enjoy.

  • Bounce Ko Girls - a fun story about 3 underage girls as they: 1.) entrap pedophiles on the internet, 2.) run from the Yakuza, and of course, 3.) sell their used underwear to perverts at a profit.

  • Zero Woman series - a Japanese secret agent that fights crime armed only with giant breasts. Series stars a different girl in each movie. Her mission: to infiltrate and destroy an international sex slave cartel. Lots of nudity. Minimal plot. Comical action.

  • Perfect Education series - The story of some sicko, who kidnaps a promiscuous young girl, so that she may be reformed through the cleansing power of rape. a common theme in Japanese film.

  • Red Room 1 & 2 - the story of a Japanese game show where contestants rape and kill each other. very much fucked up. mtv is currently working on an American version.

  • Sharkskin Man and Peach Hip Girl - a Japanese hipster saves a girl from certain incestuous peril. Bonnie and Clyde hijinks ensue.

  • Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 - Japanese grindhouse movie. a female in prison escapes to kill again. Features random stabbings in Tokyo streets. Awesome movie.

  • Pinocchio 964 - the black & white Japanese cyberpunk classic. in the near future, a cyborg sex slave is lobotomized and thrown out in the streets by it's owners after failing to maintain an erection. The cyborg then meets a criminally insane homeless girl. Complete and absolute insanity ensues.

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  1. "Perverted Japanese Edition", 3 magic little words ...

  2. I think rape is a misdemeanor in Japan :-P