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Rewind: Luther the Geek (Review)

Luther the Geek

Luther the Geek (1990)

Directed by Carlton J. Albright

[review was originally at Aylmer's Grisly Grimey Page of Unspeakable Horror, circa 1999]

Question: What happens when a young boy watches a carnival geek
bite the head off a chicken, drinks its blood, then grows up and gets imprisoned for killing towns folk, then gets paroled (?) and then is released on a small town?

Answer: Luther the Geek is born

From the first scene as rowdy rednecks start chanting "Geek! Geek! Geek!" as an inbred carnie rips off a chicken's head and chugs down the blood we all know this is going to be one odd zany film.

It was one of first movies I discovered from Losman's Lair of Horror. It features a crazy mute psycho going on a killing spree, some gratuitous nudity, a small mid-western town (with many helpless citizens) and had constant scenes of no dialogue.

What's not to love? This is why I watch horror movies.

And so the story unfolds.

Through a flashblack, little Luther watches this atrocious display of carnival monstrosity, bites his own lip and tastes his own blood.


Luther, instead of going to school decides to go geek full time.

In do course he is paroled from jail because of good behavior?! Later, he terrorizes a mother, her daughter and the daughter's boyfriend.

The daughter is played by Stacy Haiduk (the chick from Seaquest and that old Vampire show on Fox).

Her naked shower scene fulfills the the horror requirement and reveals she has big boobies.'s a clip you pervs (more like outtakes but with 50% more nudity!)

Stacy Haiduk - Shower Scene from 'Luther The Geek' - Amazing videos are here

The best part of the film is the lack of dialogue. All we hear is Luther's disturbing clucking (yes like a chicken)

You know you want to hear him cluck......

Other scenes include Luther killing an old lady by biting her on the nose. Many people die, plot is totally removed and the ending is so anti-climatic I could have been eating KFC with Luther as I watched the film.

Luther is filled with twisted scenes, disturbing characters and sometimes unrelenting gore. Luther the Geek has many of these and that's why all I have to say after watching this film was: What the fuck?

Luther the Geek is so weird, its great. You will not have seen anything like this before.

It could have been titled chickenfucker, the Clucker, Luther: My insane uncle.

But with a sort of fucked up sense of humor it made me laugh.

In doing so it reaches into that plateau where you come away saying..shit that was weird. And that's all it was trying to be.


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