Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Lesser Known Presidential Monster Hunters


Oh sure you know the Abraham Lincoln legend.The Vampire Hunter president. 44 presidents and he gets all the fame for staking vamps and preventing an apocalypse. But let's not forget these other lesser known legendary presidents who battled the supernatural from the Oval Office.

5.)  John Adams/Johny Quincy Adams: Leprechaun Hunters

Father and son took on the menace of killer leprechauns who looked to bankrupt America.

4.) Benjamin Harrison: Troll Hunter

Post civil war president Harrison took a rag tag group of former Union and Confederates soldiers and battled trolls in Colorado

3.) Chester A. Arthur: Sea Monster Hunter

Arthur made new steel war ships in order to battle the ongoing threat of sea monsters threatening the east coast of the US....and he did it victoriously.

2.) Harry S. Truman: Nazi Zombie Hunter

After WWII, Truman had to battle the new threat. Nazi zombies. Defeating a zombie SS army by zombie Hitler, Truman made sure the Nazis were gone for good.

1.) John F. Kennedy: Succubi Killer

Kennedy had to battle the evil but beautiful succubi in all it's forms, seducing them as they seduced him. If it were not for Kennedy, the queen of the succubi, Marilyn would have destroyed us all.

Are you now educated by these other presidential American heroes? Good. See Lincoln wasn't the only one.


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