Friday, October 28, 2011

Your Guide to the best NYC Haunted Houses (Happy Halloween!)

It's Halloween weekend! And I know you all want to get your scare on this weekend so I've compiled all the NYC Haunted Houses you need to check out. Remember, the lines this weekend are going to be long and really long. Crowds are gonna be crazy at each of these places but if you're willing to brave it, each haunted house will give you something to take away from it some quick BOOs! or a demented trip into an interactive horror movie.

But all are fun in their own way. You'll either be tricked or get a damn good treat. Happy Halloween!

Check out my reviews for all the haunted houses I visited this year.

  1. Blackout Haunted House
  2. Nightmare Fairy Tales
  3. Blood Manor
  4. After Dark: The Haunting (at Madame Tussauds)
  5. Times Scare NYC
I couldn't get to all the haunted houses but The Raven and the Black Cat was a soldier who went to almost all of them. Check out reviews for Nightmare: Z-Day, Steampunk Haunted House, Trapped in Purgatory, Nyctophobia Haunted House and Haunted Playhouse of Horrors

Be on the lookout for my Blackout Haunted House Walkthrough coming in early November!

Leave your thoughts on any haunted house you visit and if you want me to be like a boss and walk with you, just pay for my ticket, buy me a Jamba Juice and I'm there.

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  1. If I could fly to NYC now, i would. So i could visit thoses haunted houses. Although Halloween had past, i am sure that those ghost are still wandering. Can't wait to try it.