Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top 10 Horror/Underground/Splatter/Gore Movies of 2007


And the list continues! We're going to now count down the Top 10 Horror/Underground Movies of 2007. This is the complete list. Kinda weird I split this up into 2 posts but whatever. I mean our rating system is spinkicks right? So what you gonna do?

To recap, here are #10 to #5 with spinkick rating.

jadedviewer.com's Top 10 Horror/Underground/Hollywood/Cult/Splatter/Gore Movies of 2007

10.) Vacancy (3 spinkicks)

It's not everyday you see Kate Beckinsale in a movie not involving vampires and also it's not everyday you see Luke Wilson not being the normal guy in an awful shitty comedy.

But put them both together in a slick little horror flick involving a motel in the middle of nowhere with some crazed up snuff videos and killers that are resilient and cunning and you get to watch a nice little thrill ride with some supsense and twists.

It's pretty much a "what the fuck movie!?" as the escape makes you second guess next time you pull into a Motel 7.

9.) Black Sheep (3 spinkicks)

Well I had to have a horror-omedy on the list and this be it. I mean what can you say about mutant sheep? The premise alone got me to see this.

Made in New Zealand and filled with hilarious scenes of sheep gone wild because of genetic engineering (damn cloning!), they rapidly attack our sheep-phobic hero and his sidekicks as he tries to stop his insane brother from continuing these experiments.

Incredible human-sheep mutants, sheep gore and decapitations, sheep head trauma and sheep-man sexual innuendo. What more do you need from a sheep movie?

8.) 28 Weeks Later (3 spinkicks)

I'm not a big fan of the frenzy zombies but the sequel to 28 Days Later creates a good dystopian world where our RAGE infected friends can come out to play.

The opening of the movie is as scary as shit, and as we follow 2 heroic kids through the streets of London, and their escape with some unlucky soldiers its a frenetic pace of zombie-ish insanity and gore maglore.

The last scene makes you cringe because you know we're going to see something years later (pun intended).

7.) Wrong Turn 2 (3 and a half spinkicks)

From the opening scene of a hot girl getting sliced in half, I knew this movie was gonna rock. Welcome to Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. This straight to DVD gem is sort of the pop culture/internet horror entry to the list. Full of cheesy velveeta and oodles of gore, there isn't a dull moment.

Where can you find a movie where one of the characters wears a "Battle Royale" t-shirt and all the characters are a complete list generic cutouts of the horror genre.

Brave white girl (who is psycho).......check.

Henry Rollins......check.

Black guy......check.

Black girl with army training.....check.

Funny white guy addicted to sex.....check.

Hot, voluptuous girl who gives us our gratuitous nudity......check.

Inbred, really disgusting, boiled filled redneck cannibals.....oh hells yeah...CHECK!

Plotwise its pretty decent. Reality TV show goes into the redneck woods to shoot their "apocalyptic game show". But inbreds don't like normal people and they are kinda hungry.

Good amounts of gore, splatter and inbred sex. Because that's why you rented it right?

6.) The Host (3 and a half spinkicks)

Gwoemul aka The Host is our only Asian entry into the Top 10. But as the hype this year has gone to Cloverfield, this was the monster movie everybody should have seen.

The monster is so awesome its the king of awesomeness.

Plot-o-rama has US chemicals creating the monster in the Seoul's Hans River and everybody has to be quarantined. But one family: the dad, his son the crazy brother, the super archer sister seek out the crazy brother's daughter who has been monster-napped.

Suffice it to say, the Korean military isn't good at the whole Godzilla scenario so its up to the family to kick some monster ass.

Very thrilling, filled with good doses of humor and so memorable that you'll be saying "Clover-what?"

5.) Them (Ils) (3 spinkicks)

French horror flick. Yup you read that right. It's a French horror movie. But it's fuckin good and scary.

Who is "Them"? I ain't telling ya but that's the whole point isn't it? Sorta like Sixth Sense and mixed in with some jump out of your seat moments, it's all about what you don't see.

Plot-o-matic says it's about a woman (a teacher) and her husband (a writer) who live in an nicebig house somewhere in Romania. Strange noises start up in the middle of the night, cars go missing, weird phone calls and TV static. What the fuck is going on?

Could it be "Them"? Could it be that this couple is insane?

Ahhh. The myster horror movie is either the most annoying or the most brillant depending on your taste.

To me it was bloody brilliant. Sometimes the greatest fear is the one you do not see. The twists are a plenty...and the ending, well its as good as it get.

4.) Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door (3 spinkicks)

Well we had to have one movie that just totally disturbed the shit out of me. And it was this one. Gregory Wilson's The Girl Next Door is tightly based loosed on Sylvia Liken's horrific murder in Indiana.

There is no huge body count, no excessive gore or splatter, no corny humor or gratuitous nudity.

What is in this movie is seeing evil with a justified happy face in the form of a sadistic psycho mom and her progeny.

There are NO supernatural monsters, unkillable slashers or even mutant sheep, all you see is the evil face of humanity and what humans do to each other, that's the most frightening thing you can ever witness.

The movie revolves around David, who encounters new neighbors Meg and her crippled sister Susan. Because of a tragedy they now live with their Aunt Ruth. But Aunt Ruth ain't your normal 1950's Mrs. Cleaver. She's an alkie and her sons are well kinda douchebags.

And this doesn't bode well to the sisters, especially Meg. Auntie Ruth abuses Meg, locks her in the basement and thus tortures her. Suffice it to say, she gets fucked up.

Very chilling and disturbing. Even for the most jaded viewer, you'll wince and feel kinda dirty after watching it. I guess that's the whole point.

3.) Grindhouse (3 and a half spinkicks)

I liked Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror better than Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof.

That's just me.

But what can I say about Grindhouse that hasn't been said by all the other horror fanboys.

Well for one thing I LOVED the fake trailers. Machete, Thanksgiving Day and Don't. Good times.

If one of these "trailers" becomes a full fledge movie, I'll be camping out in front of the theatre.

2.) Hatchet (3 spinkicks)

Old School American Horror. Motherfucker.

Read my entire review here.

Hatchet reminded me of why I love horror movies.

and the best horror movie of 2007 is.....................................................

1.) Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
(4 spinkicks)

Clever. Just freakin clever.

That's Behind the Mask. A movie which flips the slasher genre upside down and why it's #1 on my list.

I've seen a lot of slasher movies. So fuckin many. The fact that BTM totally surprised the crap out of me is kudos to the director Scott Glosserman.

The movie is essentially about Leslie Vernon, our resident slasher of Glen Echo. He allows a documentary crew to film him as he attemps to kill the scared but brave heroine.

As we see this behind the scenes look at our slasher, we witness all the archetypes and characteristics that are the embodiment of the modern day slasher. The movie also pokes fun of the "scares" that are relevant in every quick edited slasher flick.

And that's the beauty of BTM. Just like Scream, but done waaay more cleverly, Leslie Vernon becomes slightly sympathetic and you begin to root for him.

I always wondered how we see a walking Jason Voorhees somehow get in front of kill his victims. Well he is running like crazy off screen, that's how.

It's one of the many questions Leslie Vernon answers and it's so fresh and different from anything that came out this year.

That's why it's the number 1 movie of 2007. When you can reinvent the slasher genre by adding a little bit of comedy, twists and gore, you've got a killer movie.

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  1. Allright man, I give you props for putting Grindhouse at 3. A lot of people would be up in arms over that.

    THEM? WTF? Man - you never mentioned a french horror flick called THEM!

    Ok,still have yet to see Behind the Mask... I know you claim it is brilliant, I know others agree... then again you put The HOST at only 6? 28-Weeks later so low? The opening alone was well worth the price of admission for 28...

    Great list though man, bravo!


  3. Great list... I probably would have put Black Sheep higher, one of the best horror-comedies ever, in my opinion. - But I'm definitely down with the rest, that I've seen at least. Never thought Wrong Turn 2 would be worthwhile, but I'll check it out now. I had Behind the Mask sitting in my queue, I'll have to move it up now. Them was freaking creepy. And I'm glad you showed some love for Hatchet and Grindhouse, two of my favorite films from last year.

  4. Alright, this is going to be my first reader response to anything, which for me is sort of surprising; anyway, I'm glad I found your site, it's great to see someone like myself who'll search out and watch a large variety of films and movies (yes, there is a diference between the two and most people forget this). I've seen every movie/film on your list except 'The Girl Next Door', unfortunately as I've read some interesting reviews for it.

    I totaly agree that 'The Host' is a much overlooked film. It delivers everything that 'Cloverfield' didn't. 'Cloverfield' had its' moments, and I realy like the work of JJ Abrams, but american film makers are ripping off thier Asian counterparts with absolutely no shame. I guess this is because the average American doesn't watch a lot of Asian or French cinema, but the fact that a lot of recent american films owe their conception to foreign films, either as an idea or complete remake, is sad.

    Wrong Turn 2.... what can I say???...hmmm...not much I guess. If you liked the first one, you'll be sorely dissapointed with this one, and believe me, I'll watch almost anything, but I couldn't get past the opening credits, sorry.

    And you've got to be joking with your #1 pick. I'll grant you an 'A' for creativity with this one, very original. I loved the concept and dark humor, but it just came up short on a lot of things which is no longer excusable for even a low-budget independent film or movie. Bad casting, weak structure and story layout...great potential though.

    A top 10 list for 2007 should have included 'Inside'. A very disturbing French horror/thriller that had some great effects and only one real plot flaw that seemed rediculous(the French, by the way, have produced some really great nasty stuff in the last few years, ie:...High Tension, Irreversible)

    And one last comment, as I've only recently discovered your site and this is my first comment, I've got to make a post script to your list for 2006, what happened to Fido or Broken? C'mon, you know they're guilty pleasures...."No teeth, Tammy...no teeth, good girl....."

  5. Jason is a supernatural being. That's how he gets in front of his running victims. He has abilities that have been hinted at but never really directly dealt with.

  6. I have watched most of the movies on the list... with some of them i agree, with some of them not... of course it is matter of taste...
    ANYWAY - thanks man !!! I found 2 great movies here i didn't watched before...

  7. Good list. Wouldn't have included Vacancy on my own, but you know. Probably would have found room for: [rec], Inside, and Jack Brooks, though.

  8. Inside is #1 on my 2008 list. Jack Brooks is #5 on the 2008 list. I've seen Rec,it just didnt make the cut.

    WF - What do you think of this list?


  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. this guys has horrible taste the minute i saw 28 weeks last in the lower rank i got suspicion so flip it upside down this guy likes movie everyone hate vacancy is another example i ended wasting a hour because once i watch 30 mintues of a movie i finish unless its complete 200 percent crap just dont let him do this anymore

  11. wat about p2 nobody mentioned dat.it was straight to dvd but enjoyable story line check it out and thank me later lol

  12. So this is a list about comedies? Because i see no gore no horror just sad sad sad attempts at an unjustifiable failure a slap in the face of gore a more horrific movie would have been a camera man following you around while you made this list a unblinking spiral into your madness your insantanty in making this list and calling it gore is truly chilling to the bone oh and your a dumbass for saying there were zombies in the crapfest known as the 28 weeks/days later for lack of a better word "movies"

  13. Wow Jaded/JA. You know you're doing something special when trolls crawl out of the woodwork 4 years later. Was going to address and defend but not worth the effort. Already got my lulz with crawling out of the woodwork having occurred and Ireceived an alert about it. Winning.