Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Worst Case Scenario (Trailer)

Perusing the trailers on other horror sites is part of the deal when running the jaded viewer. I only post trailers I find interesting.

So you won't see trailers for Saw V or some other Hollywood crap.

What you will see is the promotional teaser trailers for Gorehound Canned Film's Worst Case Scenario. Seems like the $$$ they we're getting from our pussy American companies fell thru, but I think they're now geared up and ready to go.

Yay for our Euro splatter counterparts across the pond.

The plot is making us gorehounds salivate....

This horror movie centers on the common friction between neighboring countries. It's a global phenomenon, and even in peaceful Western Europe you will find old grudges. If you dig deep enough.

In the final of the World Championship soccer games Holland and Germany are going to war. An American on a personal quest antagonizes a group of hooligans that chase him to a North Sea island. There awaits an opponent in a league of its own.

Aquatic Nazi Ghoul Zombies.

Nuff said.

Actually, that's not all. We get some awesome promo trailers!

Check both of them out below.

Promo Trailer #1

Promo Trailer #2

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