Monday, October 27, 2008

Rewind: Truth or Dare? A Critical Madness (Trailer and Short)

We at the jaded viewer love the old 80s slasher horror of old. Remember all the old VHS boxes at your local mom and pop video stores? That's all you had to go by back then when you were in the mood for horror.

It's how I watched some of the classic 80s slasher flicks. Fuck, I didn't know what was good.
Cover art, a vague description on the back with a few photos and a killer tagline.

If all of those looked awesome, I rented it.

I'm now probably scarred by watching all this horror (all underage of course) but when I see a 80s horror film dug up on YouTube, I get all nostalgy.

Truth or Dare? A Critical Madness is the film that started the direct to video horror market.

Directed by low budget maestro Tim Ritter, it's so fuckin goofy, over the top gory and outright outrageous, it's everything a 12 year old horror kid wanted.

Let's remember the good ole times shall we? The trailer is below.

Check out the original short that gave birth to the feature film. It's sooooooo freakin hilarious.

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  1. That trailer rocks on so many levels, I don't know where to start. My favorite part may be the upbeat synth track playing as the guy is running around on fire.

  2. Ahhhhh - the memories. . .
    Tim Ritter - he who directed the Truth or Dare movies, as well as Creep, Killing Spree, Alien Agenda, and Dirty Cop No Donut :-)

    I actually know quite a few people who have been in Tim's movies.

    Straight-up Campy fun! :-)