Thursday, October 30, 2008

Urban Decay (Trailer)

What do Dean Cain, Brooke Burns and Meatloaf have in common?

Well they were all in the same horror movie together. A movie called Urban Decay.

And it seems this movie is becoming a Hollywood B-flick urban legend of shit hitting the fan.

The movie from what I can gather at the IMDB message boards will probably never see the light of day as it seems the producers never paid the Teamsters and any of the actors and production crew. The producers ran off with the fuckin money.

That's just messed up.

The disgruntled crew want everybody to boycott the movie, but that shouldn't be hard if it never gets released.

So all we're left with is some sort of badly written plot by some screenwriting waiter and a goofy trailer of what could have been.

Plot-o-rama (yay Wikipedia)

Cab driver Stan slams into a homeless man, who gets up and walks away, leaving behind a scarf covered with writhing maggots. Obsessed with the mystery, Stan hunts the ragtag figure through the city, discovering a trail of mangled, half-eaten victims, and an urban legend : Pusshead was a sewer worker who came back from an uncharted tunnel changed into something both living and dead. Parents warn their children that the shuffling zombie will get them if they stay out on the streets too late... But as the body count rises, Stan finds that the legend is alive and well... hungry.

We could have actually seen a homeless zombie killing Brooke Burns (who would have taken her place as co-host of Hole in the Wall?)

Check out the trailer

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  1. I co-wrote and co-edited this movie. It is true that it now looks like no one will ever see it.

    When you call me a "screenwriting waiter", you are absolutely correct... if you mean that I am waiting to get paid by these idiot producers.

    If you mean that I do not make a living in this nasty business, you are wrong -- but then, isn't the right to be wrong the whole point of the Internet?

  2. I didn't mean anything by that comment in so far as to say somebody put some fuckin effort to get a movie made and now it will never seen.

    You as a writer got a screenplay greenlit, which I have to imagine was hard to do and all were left with is a trailer of what could have been.

    A homeless zombie killer, I totally would pay to see that.