Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Executive Koala (Trailer)

Minoru Kawasaki's cinematic universe is filled with such strange quirky films you wish he had an American counterpart brave enough to be this nuts. Kawasaki has brought us films like The Calamari Wrestler (yes a man in a calamari suit does wrestle) and The World Sinks Except Japan (which I really thought kinda sucked)

In 2005, he came up with Executive Koala.

Fuckin wow.

I mean jeez, check out the plot.

Tamura is an average divorced salaryman in Japan - and also a man-sized, suit-and-tie wearing, upright-walking koala bear. Though not a human being, he's a successful businessman with ventures overseas who refuses to play office politics. He hopes to marry his girlfriend, Yoko, and raise a child.

His visions are of an ordinary life with an ordinary company until his ordinary retirement. But when his girlfriend turns up dead one morning, the police finger the Executive Koala as their prime suspect. Temura runs from Detective Ono and fights to prove his innocence. Tamura wants to know why there are gaps in his memory.

Is he a murderer? Does he have multiple personalities? And what does his bartender (the frog) and his boss (the rabbit) know about the two-hundred year old terrifying secret behind the EXECUTIVE KOALA?

Check out the trailer.

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1 comment:

  1. This film is definitely nuts. I reviewed it a while back. You've definitely got to be in the mood for it... I may watch it again some time.

    I think it's better than The World Sinks Except Japan, but you should only watch that movie right after you watch the blockbuster it was making fun of, Japan Sinks.